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Who is Marie Shabata's father?

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What affliction kills Amedee Chevalier?

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What is the nature and term of Frank Shabata's sentence?

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What profession does Carl Linstrum practice during his first long absence from the Divide?

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Who is the tenor in the Catholic church's choir?

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Which of these characters is involved in Populist Party politics?

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What profession did John Bergson practice in Sweden?

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Who is Alexandra's favorite niece?

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What is Marie Shabata's ethnicity?

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What instrument does Emil Bergson play in the University band?

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What is the name of the little town, largely populated by French Catholics, near Hanover?

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What is the name of Amedee Chevalier's young son?

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What language does Crazy Ivar speak?

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Who is Barney Flinn?

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What is Marie doing at the fair when Emil finally kisses her?

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What tell-tale sign of Frank's past does Alexandra uncover while searching for crochet patterns in Marie's closet?

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Where does Carl go to seek his fortune after Lou and Oscar drive him off the Divide?