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Why is Jeanette's mother bitter at the Virgin Mary?

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When does Jeanette have her first major theological disagreement?

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Who is Jeanette's first lover?

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Which pastor converted Jeanette's mother?

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Where does Jeanette first meet Melanie?

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In which of the following places does Jeanette work after she leaves home?

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Who used to be Jeanette's mother's lover?

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Which of the following church members practices numerology?

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Which of the following church members is a secret lesbian?

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What rule does Jeanette's father once violate on Sunday?

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What does Jeanette's mother want her to become?

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Who discovers that Jeanette lost her hearing?

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Jeanette's teachers confront her because of which of the following?

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Jeanette decides to initially repent her lesbianism because of which of the following?

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What is Jeanette's mother's favorite novel?

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What instrument does Miss Jewsbury play?

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With whom is Jeanette's second long term relationship?

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Why does Sir Perceval leave King Arthur's castle?

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What fruit does Jeanette's mother feed the converted of African descent?

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What unholy act do the neighbors commit on a Sunday?

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What color in Jeanette's demon?

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What does the gypsy tell Jeanette?

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Who visited Jeanette frequently in the hospital?

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What happens on Jeanette's "awful occasion?"

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Why is Jeanette locked in the parlor for thirty-six hours?

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Where does Jeanette live at the end of the novel?