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What is the name of the Indian sagamore who sold Gravesend to the first John Wheelwright?

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What is Mrs. Wheelwright's address?

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Where does Aunt Martha live?

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What is the name of the school at which John teaches in 1987?

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How does Owen Meany pay for college?

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What is Hester's stage name?

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In what year does John's mother marry Dan Needham?

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What does Owen weld to the auditorium stage after he is expelled?

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What role does John play in the Christmas pageant?

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Who amputates John's finger?

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In what year does Owen die?

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What was the Rev. Wiggin's former occupation?

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What is the Rev. Merrill's denomination?

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Who is John's father?

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Why does Owen hate the Catholics?

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What is Owen's byline in the Gravesend Grave?

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What does the dummy wear after Tabby dies?

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Whose ghost possesses the Rev. Merrill?

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In what year does John narrate the book?

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In what city does Owen die?

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