Art3mis is a famous gunter who publishes a blog called Arty’s Missives. She is very intelligent and insightful. She is also intensely private and refuses to reveal her true identity until the end of the novel. Art3mis is different than most women in the OASIS because she chooses an avatar that is reflective of her real appearance, rather than a super skinny or hyper sexualized avatar. However, Art3mis’s avatar doesn’t include the birthmark that covers half her face. Like Wade, Art3mis is also a loner and prefers to proceed through Halliday’s hunt solo. For a time, she begins to allow herself to get close to Wade, but she cuts him off completely when things begin to go south. It isn’t until the end of the novel that she opens up and allows herself to trust Wade and collaborate with him and their other friends. Art3mis serves as a major distraction for Wade throughout much of the novel, both before and after he meets her avatar. Unlike Wade, Art3mis is motivated to win the egg hunt because she wants to help humanity. Despite being so guarded, she has a kind and generous heart. She is one of the few people who seems to represent themselves realistically in the OASIS.