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Where does Billy live?

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Billy's mother descends from what Native American tribe?

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What is the inspiration for the dogs' names?

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What kind of can did Billy save his money in?

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How much money did Billy save?

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Where does Billy go to pick up his hounds?

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What does the marshal give to Billy?

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At the beginning of the novel, what is Billy doing?

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Where does Billy sell his coonskins?

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How many sisters does Billy have?

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Who teaches Billy how to trap raccoons and how to make a scarecrow?

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Which of the Pritchard boys is the oldest?

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To win the bet with the Pritchard boys, what do Billy's hounds have to catch?

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What kind of hounds are Old Dan and Little Ann?

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Which of the hounds is smarter?

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Into what does Little Ann fall?

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What does Billy put on the Pritchard boy's grave?

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Who enters Billy's hounds in the contest?

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What kind of contest does Little Ann win all by herself?

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Why does the price of coonskins rise?

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How much is the contest jackpot?

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What will the jackpot money be used for?

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How many coons do Old Dan and Little Ann catch on the night of the blizzard?

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Who is the author of Where the Red Fern Grows?

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How does Old Dan die?

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