1. Who is the narrator of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

2. Who is the author of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

3. Who are the victims of burnings?

4. What is the name of the White children's school?

5. What constantly plagues the children on the way to school?

6. Where are the Logan children prevented to go?

7. What is Mr. Logan's occupation?

8. Which of the Logan children resents L. T. at first?

9. Why does Stacey get a whipping from his mother?

10. How do the children sabotage the school bus?

11. Why does Little Man get a whipping on the first day of school?

12. What does Uncle Hammer drive?

13. What happens to Stacey's new coat?

14. What is Mr. Jamison's profession?

15. Who does Big Ma transfer ownership of the plantation to?

16. Why do the children finally break their ties with T. J.?

17. What does Uncle Hammer do to help pay off the loan?

18. Where is the shop that the Logan's and 30 other families decide to patronize, in order to boycott the Wallace store?

19. When Papa is shot, who is with him?

20. Who starts the fire?

21. Why does Cassie know that Lillian Jean will not tell her father that Cassie has beat her up?

22. Much of the novel was inspired by

23. When is the novel set?

24. When was the novel first published?

25. Which character has the shortest temper?

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