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From what illness is Deborah suffering?

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How many years does Deborah stay in the hospital receiving treatment?

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Why did Deborah undergo surgery at the age of five?

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What is Yr?

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Why did Joanne Greenberg write I Never Promised You a Rose Garden?

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How do Esther and Jacob feel about Deborah's illness?

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How does Deborah feel about the hospital?

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What trauma did Carla suffer in her childhood?

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Why do the patients torment Hobbs?

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What happens to Hobbs?

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Why does Ellis begin working at the hospital?

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Who is Doris Rivera?

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How does Dr. Fried deal with Yr when treating Deborah?

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Which of the following best describes Deborah?

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Why do the patients torment Ellis?

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Why is Deborah pleased when McPherson asks her to stop tormenting Ellis?

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Who is Dr. Royson?

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Why does Deborah begin burning herself with matches and cigarettes?

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Who is Miss Coral?

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What does Deborah witness Ellis doing to Helene?

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How does Yr adapt to the world of the hospital?

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Who is the Censor?

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What is the Collect?

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How would Dr. Fried best be described?

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What does I Never Promised You a Rose Garden imply about the mentally ill?

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