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The Dashwood sisters live in all of the following places except:

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To which of the following characters is Fanny Dashwood related?

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Who reveals to London society the news of Lucy's engagement to Edward?

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In her excessive sensibility, Marianne most closely resembles which of the following characters?

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Jane Austen initially wrote this novel in which of the following forms?

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What was the name of the laws of inheritance that governed English society in Austen's day?

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Which of the following characters is NOT noted for his or her great wealth?

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For most of the novel, Colonel Brandon is in love with whom?

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The novel begins with a discussion of what social phenomenon?

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What does Marianne give to Willoughby as a token of her affection for him?

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Who gives birth to a child during the novel?

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What is Marianne's greatest talent?

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Where do Elinor and Marianne first meet their brother, John, in London?

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Which of the following couples has several young children?

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Which of the following years fell within Jane Austen's lifetime?

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Which of the following is NOT true about the publication of Sense and Sensibility?

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Which of the following characters in the novel studies at Oxford?

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Whom does John Dashwood encourage Elinor to marry?

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When Marianne is deeply distressed after Willoughby rebuffs her at the London party, Elinor comforts her with all of the following EXCEPT:

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Who is Queen Mab?

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To whom does Willoughby confess at the end of the novel?

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The women in the novel engage in all of the following diversions and activities EXCEPT:

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Based on the novel, the common social practice when two lovers parted was to do what?

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Mrs. Ferrars threatens to disinherit Edward unless he marries whom?

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