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Why are weavers typically objects of suspicion in Silas’s day?

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How does Silas know about herbal medicine?

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What is dropsy?

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Why doesn’t Silas protest his innocence when he is framed for theft?

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During the period in his life when all he does is work and hoard money, Silas is likened to:

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From where does Godfrey obtain the one hundred pounds that he lends Dunsey?

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Why does Godfrey put up with Dunsey’s bullying?

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Why does Dunsey almost turn around and return home before he gets to the hunt?

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Where does Silas go when he finds his gold missing?

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What is a farrier?

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To whom does everyone in town suspect the mysterious tinder-box belongs?

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What do Mr. Crackenthorp, Mr. Macey, and Dolly Winthrop all suggest when they come to visit Silas after he loses his money?

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Why does Nancy arrive at the New Year’s dance resolved to reject Godfrey?

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Why is Molly Farren coming to the New Year’s dance?

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Why do Nancy and Priscilla wear the same dress to the New Year’s dance?

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How is Eppie able to enter Silas’s cottage so easily?

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What is Silas’s first thought when he notices that the mass of gold on his hearth is in fact a baby girl?

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What does Silas attempt to do to discipline Eppie?

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Why doesn’t Godfrey go by the title of Squire?

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What is Godfrey’s role in Eppie’s life?

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Why does Nancy refuse for so long to adopt Eppie?

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What prompts Godfrey to confess his secret?

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When Godfrey confesses to Eppie that he is her father, what is her reaction?

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Why does Silas decide to return to Lantern Yard for a visit?

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What is Nancy’s reaction to Godfrey’s confession that he had a previous marriage and child?