The antagonist of the novel, Pekka Rollins is Kaz Brekker’s nemesis and motivating force. As the boss of the Dime Lions, a rival gang, Rollins is self-interested, ruthless, and cold-hearted—the same qualities that Kaz has cultivated as a part of his own persona. Rollins has no memory of swindling Jordie and Kaz out of their inheritance, suggesting that he loses no sleep over something as malicious as conning orphans. Even after Kaz saves his life by freeing him from the Ice Court, Rollins feels no obligation to return the favor when Kaz comes to him at the end of the novel, instead leveraging the opportunity to take Kaz’s money and power. Like many others, Rollins underestimates Kaz at his own peril, as illustrated when Kaz lifts his wallet at the conclusion of the novel. And although it remains to be seen whether Kaz will get his revenge on Rollins, Rollins remains blissfully ignorant of how his sinister schemes will come back to haunt him.