1. In what century was The Song of Roland most likely composed?

2. Who was Roland's closest companion?

3. What was the last city in Spain to hold out against Charlemagne?

4. Which of the following is worshipped by the Muslims of The Song of Roland?

5. What is the name of Roland's sword?

6. In what century did the historical ambush at Roncesvals take place?

7. Who betrays the rear guard?

8. Which of the following pair of words are assonant?

9. Which of the following is an example of parataxis?

10. Who interposed between Charlemagne and God?

11. Who kills Pinabel?

12. What is Roland's last action before he dies?

13. Which of the following is called Charlemagne's "right arm"?

14. Who advises Charlemagne to "[k]eep waging war the way you started out, / lead your assembled host to Saragossa, / lay siege to it, for all your life is worth, / and take revenge on those the villains killed"?

15. Who tells Charlemagne, "So keep on riding!—Why do you stop here? / For Tere Majur lies far ahead of us"?

16. Who laments, "God, how tiring is my life!"?

17. Which of the following is in the correct chronological order?

18. Who says, "if I should see my lovely sister Alde, / then you shall never lie in her embrace"?

19. What is the capital city of the Franks?

20. Who resolves the quarrel between Roland and Olivier about blowing the oliphant?

21. How is Marsilla injured at Roncesvals?

22. Who says that a chevalier "must be fierce and powerful in combat— / if not, he isn't worth four deniers— / should be instead a monastery monk / and pray the livelong day for all our sins"?

23. Ganelon is Roland's:

24. Who says, "These gods of ours behave like renegades"?

25. Who is the emir of Babylon?

26. Who says "No Frenchmen will condemn you to be hanged, / or else the emperor will join us two, / and with my blade of steel I'll prove he lies"?

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