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1. How old is Stingo at the start of the novel?

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2. Where does Stingo’s nickname come from?

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3. What is the name of the slave who was sold by Stingo’s great-grandfather?

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4. What is the predominant color in Yetta’s boarding house?

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5. How does Maria Hunt die?

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6. What color is Sophie’s hair?

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7. What college did Stingo graduate from?

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8. What was Sophie’s father’s job?

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9. What type of office does Sophie work in?

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10. What poet is Sophie interested in on the day she meets Nathan at the library?

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11. What is the name of the maid who works for the Lapidus family?

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12. What is the name of the Brooklyn bar that Stingo, Nathan, and Sophie most often visit?

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13. On the night that Stingo’s father arrives in New York, who does Nathan accuse Sophie of having an affair with?

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14. What influential book does Stingo read in 1967?

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15. What is the name of the beautiful horse Hoss points out to Sophie while she is transcribing for him?

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16. What type of mistake does Sophie make while working on her father’s pamphlet?

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17. What is the name of the prisoner who works as a governess in the Hoss household?

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18. What special treat is Sophie given on the day she resolves to seduce Commandant Hoss?

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19. How old is Sophie’s son when they arrive at Auschwitz?

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20. How does Stingo’s mother die?

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21. Which of the following is a point of contention in the early months of Sophie and Nathan’s relationship?

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22. Why do Nathan and Sophie take a trip to Connecticut in the autumn of 1946?

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23. How does Nathan initially propose that he and Sophie commit suicide together?

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24. What item does Sophie hope to steal from the Hoss household?

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25. What is the name of Stingo’s friend who invites him to his country house?