Jeevan struggled throughout his life before the pandemic to find meaning in his work and feels called to work in medicine the night the flu emerges. Throughout his pre-pandemic life, Jeevan hated his work as a paparazzo and a journalist. This caused him to behave in ways that violated his morals and made him hate himself. For example, though he connects with Miranda when she’s upset after the dinner party, he still takes and sells a photograph of her in a moment of being undone. It becomes an act he regrets for years afterward. However, when he moves toward his true vocation after the pandemic, Jeevan is defined by his good works. These include his attempts at saving Arthur’s life, comforting Kirsten in the wake of his death, and taking care of his brother up until the end of his life. While Kirsten finds meaning in art, Jeevan finds meaning in service. In many ways, the twin cataclysms of Arthur’s death and the pandemic save Jeevan from a life devoid of meaning. In becoming a doctor and devoting his life to helping others, Jeevan finds true peace in the new world.