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Marcel's favorite author is

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Which historical figure does Marcel imagine himself to be?

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Swann is a

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Where does Marcel go for the summer?

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With whom does Odette cheat on Swann?

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Where is Odette from?

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In which period of French history does the novel take place?

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What does Marcel describe when first learning how to write?

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How many siblings does Marcel have?

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Who sends Swann the anonymous letter about Odette's infidelities?

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What is Marcel eating when his memory takes him back to Combray?

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For what country does Odette leave with Forcheville?

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Who does Odette use to make Swann jealous?

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What kind of music is Vinteuil's violin score?

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Whom does Marcel see together while spying?

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Of what does Léonie die?

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What play does Odette go see against Swann's wishes?

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Who does Marcel see with Odette and Charlus?

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What color eyes does Gilberte have?

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When did Proust publish Swann's Way?

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What color does Marcel think Gilberte's eyes are?

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What helps Swann continue to love Odette?

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Which painter inspired Proust to write like and evoke his paintings?

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Which conception of time does Proust utilize in the novel?