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For what crime is Blomkvist tried and convicted?

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How does Gottfried Vanger die?

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Why does Salander first go to Bjurman for money?

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Henrik hires Blomkvist for what purpose?

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Harriet flees to what country?

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Berger holds what position at Millennium?

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Blomkvist is sentenced to how many months in prison?

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What secret of Salander’s does Blomkvist discover?

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What happens to the stray cat Blomkvist takes in?

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The key piece of evidence that confirms Martin’s identity as the murderer is what?

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To whom does Cecilia look almost identical?

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What is the significance of the names and numbers in Harriet’s date book?

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In order to deceive Dahlmann, Blomkvist dictates that the members of Millennium must do what?

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Why doesn’t Salander have sole control of her finances?

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Salander uses what name to embezzle from Wennerström’s accounts?

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How does Salander rescue Blomkvist from Martin Vanger?

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How does Martin Vanger die?

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After solving the mystery of Harriet’s disappearance, what does Blomkvist do?

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Who is going to become the CEO of the Vanger companies at the novel’s end?

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Why is Henrik hospitalized?

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Why has Blomkvist’s marriage ended?

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How does Wennerström receive information about Millennium?

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Salander works for what company?

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When Blomkvist is out jogging, he is injured by what?

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What does Salander ultimately demand from Bjurman?