1. Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli were born in

2. Nikolai Gogol is most famous for his story titled

3. Ashima’s father was a

4. Gogol’s middle name is

5. When asked why he is changing his name officially, Gogol replies to the judge that he

6. Sonia moves back to Massachusetts from

7. On the train, after meeting Ruth, Gogol impresses her by

8. When Ashoke gives Gogol a copy of Nikolai Gogol’s stories, in high school, Gogol is

9. When Gogol makes an etching from a gravestone, Ashima

10. Ashoke takes Gogol out on a spit of land in/on

11. After her presentation in Paris, Moushumi refuses to let Gogol

12. Moushumi begins her affair with Dimitri because

13. Moushumi’s and Gogol’s anniversary dinner is less than satisfactory because

14. Moushumi and Dimitri first met in

15. Moushumi confesses her affair with Dimitri

16. Moushumi reveals to her friends that Gogol changed his name from Gogol because

17. After breaking up with Graham, Moushumi moves in with

18. Gogol’s and Moushumi’s wedding is organized by

19. Sonia’s nickname for Gogol is

20. Moushumi and Gogol have their first date

21. Gogol’s relationship with Maxine ends

22. Moushumi is

23. Ashoke dies of

24. On an early date, Gogol returns to a store and buys for Moushumi

25. Before coming to America, Moushumi and her family lived in