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The ballad singer in the prologue compares Macheath to what animal?

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What does Peachum quote to justify his business?

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What is the name of the hotel where Mrs. Peachum met Macheath?

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Where do Macheath and Polly have their wedding?

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Since there aren’t enough seats at the wedding, what do Macheath’s friends do?

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At the end of “Pirate Jenny,” where does the maid go?

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Where did Macheath and Brown meet?

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After Mrs. Peachum learns about Polly’s marriage in Act I, scene III, what does she call for?

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What is Peachum’s suggestion for Polly, when he learns of her marriage?

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What is Macheath’s trademark wardrobe piece?

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Before Macheath goes into hiding, how does he suggest Polly manage his men?

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What crime does Macheath insist Matthew give him credit for?

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When the brothel scene opens in Act II, what is Hook-Finger Jacob doing?

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When Jenny reads Macheath’s palm, what is the first initial of the treacherous woman she sees?

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In “The Ballad of the Fancy Man,” where does Macheath send Jenny?

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Who is the first person to visit Macheath in jail?

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In “The Jealousy Duet,” what is Polly’s best feature?

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Why does Polly leave the prison at the Old Bailey in Act II, scene III?

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What does Jenny ask for when she stops by Peachum’s establishment?

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What word does Peachum tell the beggars to listen for during the coronation?

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What is the name of the woman that Macheath visits after his escape from prison?

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Jenny sings about what queen in the “Song of Solomon”?

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Lucy tells whom about her pregnancy in Act II, scene II?

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How much money does Macheath offer Smith as a bribe for his escape?

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Who delivers the news of Macheath’s reprieve?