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What is the name of the creatures who live above ground?

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Where is the time machine hidden?

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What is (or was) the Palace of Green Porcelain?

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In this novella, what is the fourth dimension?

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Which of the following brushes the Time Traveller with its antennae?

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As time passes, what happens to the sun?

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Which of the following does the Time Traveller not retrieve from the museum?

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Which of the following ecological disasters does the Time Traveller inflict on the future?

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What do the Morlocks fear most?

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Why does the Time Traveller remove the levers from his machine?

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What does the Time Traveller bring back from the future?

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The Eloi remind the Time Traveller of:

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When the novella appeared, H.G. Wells was a(n):

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The Eloi language contains few:

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Weena seems to love the Time Traveller. Why?

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What is the narrator's position in relation to the Time Traveller?

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What is the function of the underground machines?

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The Time Machine was first published in book form in what year?

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Before he discovers the Morlocks, the Time Traveller ascribes the weakness of humankind's descendents to what?