1. Which of the following is not one of the Pirate's dogs?

2. What was the paisanos' nickname for Mrs. Torrelli?

3. What was the preferred diet of the family of Senora Teresina Cortez?

4. What do the paisanos do to earn money for Danny's party?

5. How many days does the Pirate promise to work for San Francisco if the Saint would heal his dog?

6. What is the name of Danny's neighbor?

7. What does Danny steal from Pilon that makes Pilon think that Danny has gone mad?

8. What is Danny's gift to Sweats Ramirez?

9. What is the one thing that Danny will not share with his friends?

10. What legend does Steinbeck compare Danny and his friends to in the preface?

11. How does Danny spend his time in the Army?

12. How does Big Joe Portagee primarily spend his time in the Army?

13. How does Pilon primarily spend his time in the Army?

14. What is the name of the gossip queen of Monterey?

15. Why did the caporal want his son to be a general?

16. What did Pablo think that he saw over Danny's head on the dock before the party?

17. What do Pilon and Big Joe find on St. Andrew's Eve?

18. What does Emilio give to Cornelia Ruiz as a gift?

19. Why is Tito Ralph fired from his job as jailor?

20. How does Big Joe Portagee respond to the advances of the widow Tia Ignacia?

21. How does Torrelli attempt to extract his revenge on the paisanos?

22. How does Pilon find Pablo after the war?

23. How do Pilon and Pablo find Jesus Maria after the war?

24. How does Danny's house meet its end?

25. What interrupts the mass that the Pirate attends alone?