The main protagonist of V for Vendetta. V's face is never shown. Rather, he is portrayed wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, an homage to the infamous historical figure who was executed after attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament. He is rakish, brilliant, anarchistic, manipulative, and murderous, and it is his crusade against the government that drives the story's plot.

Eve "Evey" Hammond

The second protagonist of the novel. Evey is rescued by V and then recruited to assist V in his mission. She is young, thoughtful, intuitive, and traumatized by the loss of her parents. She loves and accepts V for who he is, despite his more troubling attributes, and she works alongside him toward his vision of the future of England. 

Eric Finch 

The head of the government police force, or "the Nose.” Finch is a loyal investigator for the state who becomes disillusioned by his experiences investigating V. He undergoes a reckoning late in the book that allows him to extricate himself from his role in the fascist government.

Rosemary Almond

The wife of Derek Almond. Rosemary is forced by circumstance to change her life and learn to be an individual, apart from her husband's affiliation with the government.

Delia Surridge

A medical examiner and former lover of Eric Finch. Delia lives with regrets over work she's done on behalf of the government.

Helen Heyer

The wife of Conrad Heyer who wants to attain power within the government.

Lewis Prothero 

The original voice of the state radio who collects dolls.

Adam Susan

The leader of the Norsefire government. 

Bishop Anthony Lilliman

The corrupt and abusive head of the state church.

Brian "Bunny" Etheridge 

The head of the government audio surveillance department, or "the Ear".

Derek Almond 

The head of the government secret police, or "the Finger.” Husband of Rosemary.

Roger Dascombe

The head of the propaganda wing of the government, or "the Mouth.”

Conrad Heyer 

The head of the government video surveillance department, or "the Eye.”

Peter Creedy

The second head of the government secret police, or "the Finger.”

Ally Harper

A Scottish gangster.

Gordon Deitrich

Friend and brief lover of Evey.