1. Why is Lux rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance?

2. Chronologically, who initiates the boys' first eyewitness account of the inside of the Lisbon house?

3. Who narrates the story?

4. Which of the following best describes the sequence of suicides?

5. When the narrators refer to "Exhibits 1 through 97," what do they mean?

6. Which of the following best explains the book's reference to "virgin" suicides?

7. The neighborhood speculates that Dominic Palazzolo's jump off his roof may have inspired Cecilia's own jump. Which statement best describes this theory?

8. Which statement best describes the paramedics who respond to the Lisbon suicide cases?

9. What is the neighborhood adults' ultimate response to the suicides?

10. Who is the most sexually adventurous of the Lisbon sisters?

11. What happens to the Lisbon house after the girls are all dead?

12. What do Trip Fontaine and Lux do after the Homecoming Dance?

13. What happens on the Monday after Homecoming?

14. What happens when the boys arrive at the Lisbon house at midnight on June 15th?

15. Which of the following best describes how the boys are able to successfully telephone the Lisbon girls?

16. Which of the Lisbon girls is able to go to Homecoming?

17. Who does the narrative "we" consist of?

18. For the most part, when do the events described in the novel take place?

19. Who does Trip fall in love with?

20. How is Mr. Lisbon best described?

21. How is Mrs. Lisbon is best described?

22. What is the religion practiced by Mrs. Lisbon, and by extension the Lisbon family at large?

23. Cecilia is found in the bathroom with slit wrists clutching what?

24. What is the name of the over-eager local reporter?

25. Old Mrs. Karafilis' most damning criticism of suburbia is, what, paraphrased?

26. Which of the Lisbon sisters die on their first suicide attempt?

27. Which of the Lisbon sisters die on their second suicide attempt?

28. Which statement best describes the cemetery workers' strike?

29. What is true during the cemetery workers' strike?

30. How does Trip Fontaine amaze the boys?