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Walden Two


Professor Burris -  Burris is a professor of psychology, the protagonist of the novel, and the man through whose eyes we see Walden Two. He is intelligent and professorial, but weary of the academic life. Although initially skeptical of Walden Two, he becomes increasingly enthusiastic about it over the course of his visit.
T.E. Frazier -  A former classmate of Burris's at graduate school, Frazier is now the founding member of Walden Two. He is enthusiastic, hyper-verbal, and frequently pedantic. Unlike the children of Walden Two, he is driven by an urge to dominate and achieve.
Augustine Castle -  Castle is a philosopher and one of Burris's colleagues at the university. He is intelligent and a good debater, but rather closed-minded. He badgers Frazier throughout his visit to Walden Two, trying to expose some practical or principled reason why the community should not work.
Rogers ("Rodge") -  Rogers is one of Burris's former classmates. After returning from service in WWII, he decides to try to find a better life than standard American capitalism (two cars, garage, wife, kids, money) can offer him. He is Steve's friend and Barbara's boyfriend.
Steve Jamnik -  Steve and Rogers became friends as servicemen during the war. Steve is quiet, but like Rogers he is looking for a better way to live his life. He is Mary's boyfriend.
Mary Grove -  Mary is Steve's girlfriend. She is a fan of Walden Two.
Barbara Macklin -  Barbara is Rogers's girlfriend. She neither likes nor appears to understand Walden Two.
Rachel Meyerson  -  Mrs. Meyerson is a member of Walden Two. An attractive thirty-five year-old, she is in charge of "Clothing for Women" and helps Frazier give a tour of the community on the first day of the visit.