1. Why does Brave Orchid say she cut Kingston's tongue?

2. What is To Keung?

3. What is the "Gold Mountain"?

4. What are "FOBs"?

5. What is a "frenum"?

6. In order to attract a suitor, Kingston's aunt does which of the following in "No-Name Woman"?

7. What is the gourd of water in "White Tigers" used for?

8. When Kingston, as Fa Mu Lan, discovers that she has been married in her absence, she is:

9. Kingston discards the notion that her aunt could have been a wild woman because:

10. What almost defeats Kingston in her fantasy as Fa Mu Lan?

11. In "Shaman," Brave Orchid complains to Kingston about the cost of her birth because:

12. The talk-story about the Four Empresses is told in order to:

13. Why does Kingston torment a classmate as a little girl?

14. To what does Kingston compare her style as a writer at the beginning of "A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe"?

15. Brave Orchid works at all of the professions below EXCEPT:

16. As compensation for spurning Moon Orchid, Brave Orchid demands that her sister's husband:

17. What does Kingston consider to be her true "weapons" in "White Tigers"?

18. With what ability does Kingston associate power to defeat ghosts and monsters?

19. Why were many of Kingston's relatives killed during the Communist revolution in China?

20. Why was Kingston's Fourth Uncle supposedly killed by the Communists?

21. After Fa Mu Lan frees a group of women from their bondage, they:

22. Birds appear as symbols in all of the following EXCEPT:

23. Why is a woman stoned to death in "Shaman"?

24. Why does Brave Orchid tell Kingston about No-Name Woman?