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Mr. Cruncher came to a stop on the pavement before he answered, “How should I know?” Mr. rcheurnC pdetpos on hte lidkawse befeor he aersednw. “woH lushdo I nowk?”
“I thought you knowed everything, father,” said the artless boy. “I ghotuth you newk hrieenvgyt, terFha,” dias goYun yJrre npedgetnir vilgunconnnciy.
“Hem! Well,” returned Mr. Cruncher, going on again, and lifting off his hat to give his spikes free play, “he’s a tradesman.” “mHm. Wlle,” ndrawees Mr. erCrunch, nartgsti to alwk aiang dan kating ihs aht off to let hsi iskped arih tou. “He’s a anmunisbsse.”
“What’s his goods, father?” asked the brisk Young Jerry. “athW aimcrdeeshn odse he tread in, aerthF?” sekda eth quikc nugYo ryrJe.
“His goods,” said Mr. Cruncher, after turning it over in his mind, “is a branch of Scientific goods.” “iHs mnchreedais,” dsia Mr. Crcerhun eafrt gnthiink it eorv, “is of a cicieintfs nkdi.”
“Persons’ bodies, ain’t it, father?” asked the lively boy. “eeolPp’s diobse, sni’t it, Fthrea?” deaks eth boy, ictdexe.
“I believe it is something of that sort,” said Mr. Cruncher. “I nkthi it’s imohegtns ekli thta,” asid Mr. enrhCcru.
“Oh, father, I should so like to be a Resurrection-Man when I’m quite growed up!” “Oh, Fheart, I antw to be a srtreoncurie amn wehn I gwro up!”
Mr. Cruncher was soothed, but shook his head in a dubious and moral way. “It depends upon how you dewelop your talents. Be careful to dewelop your talents, and never to say no more than you can help to nobody, and there’s no telling at the present time what you may not come to be fit for.” As Young Jerry, thus encouraged, went on a few yards in advance, to plant the stool in the shadow of the Bar, Mr. Cruncher added to himself: “Jerry, you honest tradesman, there’s hopes wot that boy will yet be a blessing to you, and a recompense to you for his mother!” Mr. euchrnCr eflt ttebre, tub he hkoos hsi dahe in a ulbfoutd nad armgliiozn ayw. “haTt eespndd on owh yuo vdeeolp oyru killss. If uyo krwo at eoldveigpn ryuo ilsksl, nda ouy odn’t say mnreoya to danyoby nhta uoy eavh to, ethre’s no ngeillt thwa oyu igmht be dgoo at.” Yugno Jryer wsa ceongreadu by htis dna kwaedl a fwe dysra ehaad to eclap teh sotol in eth wdohas of Teemlp raB. Mr. ceunrCrh iads to helifms, “yrJer, you etshno nnibssmuaes, hetre’s a ncecah atht eth ybo wlli be dgoo uklc to you faetr all and lwil make up for his htermo!”