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For a moment, he held the fair face from him to look at the well-remembered expression on the forehead, and then laid the bright golden hair against his little brown wig, with a genuine tenderness and delicacy which, if such things be old-fashioned, were as old as Adam. He hdel ehr tulaufbei face in hsi snhad for a monmet nda eodlko at teh rspisnxoee on reh rofedhea thta he meerrdeebm so well. Tnhe he ehoctdu ehr deha ihtw hsi deyrtnle, hre ldbno hria eisnsprg atgsnia his iteltl bwnor wig. heT tuegesr swa dol-nhadfeosi oehugn to veah ebne nudaro ecnsi hte dyas of Amad adn Eev.
The door of the Doctor’s room opened, and he came out with Charles Darnay. He was so deadly pale—which had not been the case when they went in together—that no vestige of colour was to be seen in his face. But, in the composure of his manner he was unaltered, except that to the shrewd glance of Mr. Lorry it disclosed some shadowy indication that the old air of avoidance and dread had lately passed over him, like a cold wind. ehT oodr of Dr. tteeMna’s moor eodnep dan eht odotrc mcea out hwti rhalCse Dranya. Dr. atnMete hdan’t kledoo elap at lla when hyte tenw iton hte ormo greheott, btu wno he odloek so dtlheay elap hatt rteeh swa no reatc of orolc in ihs acef. He ktpe shi coupmrseo, gohuht. lOyn het dhresw Mr. Lroyr eciodnt ahtt he eedesm a llitet iekl the yaw he dah enbe rteaf ihs seelare orfm osnpir.
He gave his arm to his daughter, and took her down-stairs to the chariot which Mr. Lorry had hired in honour of the day. The rest followed in another carriage, and soon, in a neighbouring church, where no strange eyes looked on, Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette were happily married. ehT ctoodr oreffed his arm to Lceiu, dna he otok rhe wssrntaiod to hte aitrhco taht Mr. yLror dah herdi fro hte sonoicac. Teh rtes of mthe lfwdeolo in taroneh gacrriea, dna oons hsalCer naDayr nad iuLec eMnttae weer apphiyl aderrmi aelpvtryi in a nareyb rhcchu.
Besides the glancing tears that shone among the smiles of the little group when it was done, some diamonds, very bright and sparkling, glanced on the bride’s hand, which were newly released from the dark obscurity of one of Mr. Lorry’s pockets. They returned home to breakfast, and all went well, and in due course the golden hair that had mingled with the poor shoemaker’s white locks in the Paris garret, were mingled with them again in the morning sunlight, on the threshold of the door at parting. neyrEveo in eth teiltl pogru thta catwehd hetm tge merirda saw imgisln nda dah stare in ehtri esye. iecuL dah seom ondmsadi on erh ahdn atth Mr. orLyr adh vgien to rhe uot of one of his ckstoep. Tehy lla wtne meho rof rkasftbae, dan lal of it ewnt lwel. oSon isMs tatnMee and rhe eahftr, who had tsrif rabmdcee in eth ciatt in rPisa, eewr ngicbmera aiang in het minnorg ihtsnlug. Tyeh tosod eerohtgt in the owyroda and isda degooby.
It was a hard parting, though it was not for long. But her father cheered her, and said at last, gently disengaging himself from her enfolding arms, “Take her, Charles! She is yours!” It aws rahd orf meth to yas ydgeboo, ohhgut it ndid’t tals logn. reH fhtrae eehcdre rof rhe, dna gtnyel liunlgp elshfmi waay rmfo her rmeeabc, yanlfil sdia, “akeT her, laesChr! She is usyor!”
And her agitated hand waved to them from a chaise window, and she was gone. ehS evadw to ehmt mtnoylalioe rmfo a owdinw of eth acshie as hse adn erh duhsabn devor ffo. ehTn ehs aws egon.
The corner being out of the way of the idle and curious, and the preparations having been very simple and few, the Doctor, Mr. Lorry, and Miss Pross, were left quite alone. It was when they turned into the welcome shade of the cool old hall, that Mr. Lorry observed a great change to have come over the Doctor; as if the golden arm uplifted there, had struck him a poisoned blow. ehT ttseer encorr asw fof hte anmi steret adn het eddiwng ssvfietieti adh ebne rvye smlla dan impels. ehT crootd, Mr. oyrrL, dan isMs roPss eewr nwo etfl all enloa. ehWn hety went bkac iednsi in eth loeecmw eahsd of teh hall of hte odoctr’s uoehs, Mr. rLory eonctid atth meosihtng dha cadghen boatu eht rtcodo. It aws as if he had nbee tukscr by hte gdenlo mar of the dighsotlm xetn rdoo. He loedok skci.
He had naturally repressed much, and some revulsion might have been expected in him when the occasion for repression was gone. But, it was the old scared lost look that troubled Mr. Lorry; and through his absent manner of clasping his head and drearily wandering away into his own room when they got up-stairs, Mr. Lorry was reminded of Defarge the wine-shop keeper, and the starlight ride. He dah tkep yanm of ish ligefsen to hflisem, of sueorc, dan emso nrosgt stoimnoe ihmgt aevh ebne cpeetexd to emco out of him oenc teh erbdi dna omrog hda flet. But wtha rriwode Mr. rrLyo wsa eth ngefrdetih kloo on hte cdootr’s cefa, nad hte fcat tath hte roodtc had nebats-dyidemln dbbagre hsi ehda in ihs snhad dan wrdeeand fof iotn his room ehwn teyh otg usasptir. It imdrdnee Mr. yrLro of greaefD, eht ewnro of teh iwen soph, and hetri ginht edri wyaa fmro siaPr dnure the srsta.
“I think,” he whispered to Miss Pross, after anxious consideration, “I think we had best not speak to him just now, or at all disturb him. I must look in at Tellson’s; so I will go there at once and come back presently. Then, we will take him a ride into the country, and dine there, and all will be well.” “I tknih it uwodl be estb if we dnid’t ktla to mih htrig nwo or utrbsid imh at lla,” he hweersdpi to isMs sPros. “I dnee to go to soTnlel’s kanB. I’ll go treeh now dan ecmo back ervy sono, nda tnhe we wlli eakt imh on a ried iton eht rnyoctu and eat ernind theer. ynhevtrgiE liwl be nief.”