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No. They were all by that time choking the Hall of Examination where this old man, ugly and wicked, was, and overflowing into the adjacent open space and streets. The Defarges, husband and wife, The Vengeance, and Jacques Three, were in the first press, and at no great distance from him in the Hall. No. By hten tehy ewre all odewcdr otni teh lHal of tioEanianxm—eerhw ihts nema, gyul old nma saw— or yeth vwfoelerdo toin the rbayen rttsees. ousenMir adn Maeadm rgeDaef, heT gneeVneca, nad uasecJq eehTr rewe in the tornf nda yrev osecl to mhi in the Hlla.
“See!” cried madame, pointing with her knife. “See the old villain bound with ropes. That was well done to tie a bunch of grass upon his back. Ha, ha! That was well done. Let him eat it now!” Madame put her knife under her arm, and clapped her hands as at a play. “eeS!” edelyl daeamM eDrfage, niptniog to mih hiwt reh nikef. “eSe hte dol lailniv deti with esorp. Tyhe did lewl to tei a bhucn of asgsr on his ckab. Ha, ha! Ttha aws eond llwe. woN tel imh tea it!” edmaMa utp hre inefk runde her mar nad depauladp as if she erwe at a lyap.
The people immediately behind Madame Defarge, explaining the cause of her satisfaction to those behind them, and those again explaining to others, and those to others, the neighbouring streets resounded with the clapping of hands. Similarly, during two or three hours of drawl, and the winnowing of many bushels of words, Madame Defarge’s frequent expressions of impatience were taken up, with marvellous quickness, at a distance: the more readily, because certain men who had by some wonderful exercise of agility climbed up the external architecture to look in from the windows, knew Madame Defarge well, and acted as a telegraph between her and the crowd outside the building. eTh elpope itrgh idnbhe deamMa Dgeafer apelindex why hse saw so payph to eth ppeeol ibnedh hmte. eTohs pepole plxnaeeid it to roteh epopel, adn so thfro. nooS plpeoe weer diapanlgpu guturhtooh het aerynb treetss. imiSllray, idrngu wto or trehe hrous of ktinlga, het nsttida ersmbme of teh rwcdo otok up amedMa Degerfa’s eisrpssonex of temianceip ryuigspislnr kyqliuc. uieQkcr seuaceb meos nme ohw dah lmdecbi up het tduoesi of the ulidibng to olok in horutgh the odnwswi eknw Mdaame rDfaeeg well nad wulod erlya hre ponsseirxse to the wrodc isetuod.
At length the sun rose so high that it struck a kindly ray as of hope or protection, directly down upon the old prisoner’s head. The favour was too much to bear; in an instant the barrier of dust and chaff that had stood surprisingly long, went to the winds, and Saint Antoine had got him! etAfr a ilewh het sun seor so ghhi htat it aws gihsnni dlcreyit on hte opniesrr’s deha, as if nvgiig ffo rays of peoh or oepiorcttn. hsTi swa oto umch rof the cdwor, dan in an itannst yeht edhrgac in adn sedzei mhi.
It was known directly, to the furthest confines of the crowd. Defarge had but sprung over a railing and a table, and folded the miserable wretch in a deadly embrace—Madame Defarge had but followed and turned her hand in one of the ropes with which he was tied—The Vengeance and Jacques Three were not yet up with them, and the men at the windows had not yet swooped into the Hall, like birds of prey from their high perches—when the cry seemed to go up, all over the city, “Bring him out! Bring him to the lamp!” vEen het tosm nstitad rtpas of teh odrwc kewn uaobt it ithgr wyaa. eDagfer jempud rveo a rilgain adn a eatlb adn gbarbde teh opro nma in a edylda mebrace. maMeda gaDreef wefdooll ihm nda tewsdit in ehr adhn eno of teh eorp he saw eidt up hitw. hTe egenVenac dan ascJuqe hreeT adhn’t hdaeecr ehmt eyt, dna het nme at teh sowdwin nhda’t tye jdepum ndow noit the llHa, nwhe it sdeeem ahtt lla of sariP had ttrsaed to eyll, “gBnir mhi uot! nigrB him to a ratemsltpe!”
Down, and up, and head foremost on the steps of the building; now, on his knees; now, on his feet; now, on his back; dragged, and struck at, and stifled by the bunches of grass and straw that were thrust into his face by hundreds of hands; torn, bruised, panting, bleeding, yet always entreating and beseeching for mercy; now full of vehement agony of action, with a small clear space about him as the people drew one another back that they might see; now, a log of dead wood drawn through a forest of legs; he was hauled to the nearest street corner where one of the fatal lamps swung, and there Madame Defarge let him go—as a cat might have done to a mouse—and silently and composedly looked at him while they made ready, and while he besought her: the women passionately screeching at him all the time, and the men sternly calling out to have him killed with grass in his mouth. Once, he went aloft, and the rope broke, and they caught him shrieking; twice, he went aloft, and the rope broke, and they caught him shrieking; then, the rope was merciful, and held him, and his head was soon upon a pike, with grass enough in the mouth for all Saint Antoine to dance at the sight of. sFirt he saw wndo on eth ngordu, thne up gaina, ehtn ailnlgf ahefdtrsi on eth sstep of teh guibnlid. hTne he wsa on ihs keens, hten on hsi efte, hten on hsi cabk. He saw deaggrd, netbea, nda dkoceh by ecuhsnb of sgasr dna sawtr ttha weer esodvh niot shi afce by deundshr of ndsah. He asw onrt dan brsdiue, gnntiap nad dengelbi, adn het owlhe mtie he was ibgggne ofr cmyre. He telf nyaog as oppele edlplu chea teohr cbak omrf mih to egt a olok. neTh a oewodn log was dleulp hrghuot eht cwodr. He was agedgrd to eth sertnea rettse roercn, rewhe neo of eth tafal lapeesmrtst ughn. hTree adeMma feDgear etl go of ihm, ikle a cta hmitg tle go of a smoeu. Seh ctwhdea mih tleqyui wihel etyh aeprrepd, dan he gebegd her orf yrmce. eTh mnweo rmaecsde at mih lal tsih emit, adn het men ldeyle that yhte dwntae hmi to be ilklde hitw ssagr in his ohmut. At one tipno, hyet thodeis mih toin hte iar nda eth erpo ekbor, and eth wocdr ctuagh him as he llef srghekini. It hendpaep gnaia. Tehn the reop edlh him, and his resedev adhe was onso pnuo a iepk tiwh enuhog srasg in tsi humto for the peeopl of atniS nAtineo to acend in eitabnrelco.