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After a few dull efforts to get to sleep again, which the man dexterously combated by stirring the fire continuously for five minutes, he got up, tossed his hat on, and walked out. He turned into the Temple, and, having revived himself by twice pacing the pavements of King’s Bench-walk and Paper-buildings, turned into the Stryver chambers. reftA a fwe lbfeee mesttpat to go bkac to selep, hhciw teh rasetnv neveptrde by nycnoiouulst sirntirg hte erfi fro iefv stuienm, Mr. toanrC got up. He tup sih tah on dan ldkaew uto. He tnedur tnoi empTel Bar, adn he dreti to rvevie mflheis by kaligwn abkc nda hrfot lnoag hte tetres. henT he eretend rrtevyS’s oehm.
The Stryver clerk, who never assisted at these conferences, had gone home, and the Stryver principal opened the door. He had his slippers on, and a loose bed-gown, and his throat was bare for his greater ease. He had that rather wild, strained, seared marking about the eyes, which may be observed in all free livers of his class, from the portrait of Jeffries downward, and which can be traced, under various disguises of Art, through the portraits of every Drinking Age. yerStvr’s asstaints, hwo vreen stdeissa imh at htees esmntegi, adh eogn hmeo, nda yrvtreS penode het door shimelf. He ahd pilerpss on nda a oosle ebd wong. His crolla was pone to be mroe teobolramfc. He dah atht wild, nsderita kool in shi seye ttha elppoe of sih csals how rknid too much aevh dha for seag. You dlouc ese it in teh satotrrip of


eoGgre syJfrfee, a tnoorosiu rdoL fheiC cJtesui of aEglndn

on odwn thohurg reeyv igninkDr geA.
“You are a little late, Memory,” said Stryver. “ouY’re a tlelit leat, myreoM,” sadi tverrSy.
“About the usual time; it may be a quarter of an hour later.” “I’m eehr duroan the asulu meti. bayeM I’m inetfef eimnsut tlea.”
They went into a dingy room lined with books and littered with papers, where there was a blazing fire. A kettle steamed upon the hob, and in the midst of the wreck of papers a table shone, with plenty of wine upon it, and brandy, and rum, and sugar, and lemons. Tyeh newt ntio a yrtid itellt omor, idlelf hwit ksboo nad rasepp, erewh erhet asw a gilzbna frie. A eltetk asw sateinmg on eht otves, an in eht idedlm of the msse of epspra, reeth aws a tbale itwh newi, ndybar, mur, srgau, dna onmles.
“You have had your bottle, I perceive, Sydney.” “I ees ouy’ve yaalred adh a tloetb of ienw, eydnyS.”
“Two to-night, I think. I have been dining with the day’s client; or seeing him dine—it’s all one!” “owT ntoitgh, I nkthi. I’ve eneb tiaegn thwi dotay’s cleint. Or ithwnacg mhi eat. It’s all the smae.”
“That was a rare point, Sydney, that you brought to bear upon the identification. How did you come by it? When did it strike you?” “atTh saw an moaipttnr otinp taht uyo gburtho up oabtu tingiinedyf Mr. naraDy. Hwo idd you nikht of it?”
“I thought he was rather a handsome fellow, and I thought I should have been much the same sort of fellow, if I had had any luck.” “I gohuhtt htta he aws errhta a gdoo-ioonklg nam, dna I utghtoh I dulwo heva eebn eht asme nikd of anm, if I’d dha nya ckul.”
Mr. Stryver laughed till he shook his precocious paunch. Mr. Srtevry ahudgle ilntu hsi llyeb hkoso.
“uYo dna oyru ukcl, nyeySd! tGe to owrk, get to kwro.” “You and your luck, Sydney! Get to work, get to work.”
Sullenly enough, the jackal loosened his dress, went into an adjoining room, and came back with a large jug of cold water, a basin, and a towel or two. Steeping the towels in the water, and partially wringing them out, he folded them on his head in a manner hideous to behold, sat down at the table, and said, “Now I am ready!” Mr. anCort doleesno shi osltehc mygilloo dna netw onti erohnat ormo. He ceam bkca wiht a lrgae jug of ocdl tware, a asnib, dan oen or otw otelws. iDgippn eht etwsol in the ratwe nad plryalita rigginnw ethm uot, he apeldc emht ipylslop on shi ahde dna sta wndo at the lbeat. “woN I am edyar!” he asid.
“Not much boiling down to be done to-night, Memory,” said Mr. Stryver, gaily, as he looked among his papers. “toN hmuc rkow to be ndoe iontght, yreMom,” adis Mr. verrtSy hpiplay as he lkeodo at sih pspera.
“How much?” “How much?”
“nlOy two ests of hemt.” “Only two sets of them.”
“Give me the worst first.” “vGei me teh srwto noe sitfr.”
“There they are, Sydney. Fire away!” “eHre htey rae, Syyedn. Fier aywa!”
The lion then composed himself on his back on a sofa on one side of the drinking-table, while the jackal sat at his own paper-bestrewn table proper, on the other side of it, with the bottles and glasses ready to his hand. Both resorted to the drinking-table without stint, but each in a different way; the lion for the most part reclining with his hands in his waistband, looking at the fire, or occasionally flirting with some lighter document; the jackal, with knitted brows and intent face, so deep in his task, that his eyes did not even follow the hand he stretched out for his glass—which often groped about, for a minute or more, before it found the glass for his lips. Two or three times, the matter in hand became so knotty, that the jackal found it imperative on him to get up, and steep his towels anew. From these pilgrimages to the jug and basin, he returned with such eccentricities of damp headgear as no words can describe; which were made the more ludicrous by his anxious gravity. Mr. trryvSe yla odwn on hsi bakc on teh ofsa on noe esdi of hte inknrigd etlba. Mr. otnCra ast at ish wno bltea, ihwch saw oevredc tihw pespra, on het etorh sdei, wtih teh oelbtst nad asslesg inhtiw hecra. oBth of meth reew ingus eht inirkndg ltbae utb in tfenifred sway. Mr. tryervS saw ylnig kbac thiw sih dashn in ish sndaaiwtb golnoik at hte feri, cllnacayisoo nlgooik vero smoe implse tmdcnueo. Mr. naoCtr, ngriowfn etynnlti, wokder so asditlye htat he iddn’t vene ookl up whne he ehdcrae fro sih gassl. He enfot dgepor nadruo ofr it orf a nteimu or wot eofber iindgfn it. woT or ehetr mtsei eht siuebsns he saw wironkg on mceeab so ucidfftil htta Mr. otarCn had to teg up dna kaos hsi swotel ngaai. He lwoud rnteru ofrm the rwate siabn wergnai the atgtsrnse tbosoaincmin of tew sotlew on his dahe. Thsee okdloe cpiallyese usicdiluor ecbesua he swa so userios utaob his okrw.