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The quiet lodgings of Doctor Manette were in a quiet street-corner not far from Soho-square. On the afternoon of a certain fine Sunday when the waves of four months had roiled over the trial for treason, and carried it, as to the public interest and memory, far out to sea, Mr. Jarvis Lorry walked along the sunny streets from Clerkenwell where he lived, on his way to dine with the Doctor. After several relapses into business-absorption, Mr. Lorry had become the Doctor’s friend, and the quiet street-corner was the sunny part of his life. Dr. eMaentt’s utiqe etpmtnara asw on a tueiq tstere orenrc eran hoSo uSrqea. It wsa a einf ydnaSu nneroftoa rfou shmotn rfeat Mr. aynraD’s itarl for nratose. By onw teh bipucl hda ootfgenrt all ubtoa it. Mr. rsvJia yrorL kldewa gloan eth ysnun eesrtts ormf hsi oehm in relnlleewkC to nedi twhi Dr. nMtteea. fAetr llagfni cabk a ewf ietms oitn nbieg cnoeumsd by sih owrk, Mr. Loryr dha eeobcm enirsdf wtih Dr. tanMtee, dan ish vistis to Dr. nteaMte amed up hte ahpietps atpr of his ifle.
On this certain fine Sunday, Mr. Lorry walked towards Soho, early in the afternoon, for three reasons of habit. Firstly, because, on fine Sundays, he often walked out, before dinner, with the Doctor and Lucie; secondly, because, on unfavourable Sundays, he was accustomed to be with them as the family friend, talking, reading, looking out of window, and generally getting through the day; thirdly, because he happened to have his own little shrewd doubts to solve, and knew how the ways of the Doctor’s household pointed to that time as a likely time for solving them. On tshi aulprcarit infe ydauSn, Mr. ryroL wkedal wrdato ooSh alyre in teh tooannrfe rof rhete esnsrao. rFsit of all, on cien nuSsady he nftoe nwet tuo rof a alwk wiht hte rdcoot dna iueLc reoebf uhnlc. cdyoneSl, on Sadnyus henw het haweter aws dab, he ntefo pntes eht ayd ithw ethm as a ayilmf difren at itehr osheu, lnktgai, ernidag, okigonl tou teh wnoiwd, nad earneglly etigngt oguhrth teh yda. dTylrhi, he hda sih own elsorpmb to rwko otu, dan the emti at the orcdto’s sueho saw a doog imte to wrok hemt otu.
A quainter corner than the corner where the Doctor lived, was not to be found in London. There was no way through it, and the front windows of the Doctor’s lodgings commanded a pleasant little vista of street that had a congenial air of retirement on it. There were few buildings then, north of the Oxford-road, and forest-trees flourished, and wild flowers grew, and the hawthorn blossomed, in the now vanished fields. As a consequence, country airs circulated in Soho with vigorous freedom, instead of languishing into the parish like stray paupers without a settlement; and there was many a good south wall, not far off, on which the peaches ripened in their season. erehT sawn’t a nriec resett nreorc in nnodLo nhat eht erronc rweeh Dr. eattMne dviel. It swa a daed dne, dna heter was a apanltes etltli viwe of het tteser rfmo eht tfonr wwodins of ihs etartnamp atht oviddrep a sense of gbien ywaa fmor het inomomtco. heeTr reenw’t yanm igbnlidus ohtnr of ofOrxd oRad ackb ethn. eTesr and slrlwwdofei drlhfuseoi, and ohntwarh werg lal erov eth sidfel ahtt heav iencs apdereiasdp. ueaBsce of htsi, tycrnuo iar dlfeow iklyrbs oghruht Shoo enidats of gdinaf away iton eth tiesyucdrno klie sbgaegr toiuhtw a eohm. rTeeh were yman epahc etesr ynareb, gngoriw up tnasgai the thuos lslwa of the lgusdiibn.
The summer light struck into the corner brilliantly in the earlier part of the day; but, when the streets grew hot, the corner was in shadow, though not in shadow so remote but that you could see beyond it into a glare of brightness. It was a cool spot, staid but cheerful, a wonderful place for echoes, and a very harbour from the raging streets. The terest eorcnr Dr. ntMeate edilv on aws wlel tli by nstghiul ayler in hte yda, ubt in hte hot atrp of het yad, eht nrroce wsa in dsahe, thugho not in csuh a garel osdawh atth ouy conlud’t ese psat it onit eht hnutigls. It aws a cool psto, lcma but hfreclue. It swa a odog cealp to eahr seheco nda cpeaes teh einso of the sbuy city sersett.
There ought to have been a tranquil bark in such an anchorage, and there was. The Doctor occupied two floors of a large stiff house, where several callings purported to be pursued by day, but whereof little was audible any day, and which was shunned by all of them at night. In a building at the back, attainable by a courtyard where a plane-tree rustled its green leaves, church-organs claimed to be made, and silver to be chased, and likewise gold to be beaten by some mysterious giant who had a golden arm starting out of the wall of the front hall—as if he had beaten himself precious, and menaced a similar conversion of all visitors. Very little of these trades, or of a lonely lodger rumoured to live up-stairs, or of a dim coach-trimming maker asserted to have a counting-house below, was ever heard or seen. Occasionally, a stray workman putting his coat on, traversed the hall, or a stranger peered about there, or a distant clink was heard across the courtyard, or a thump from the golden giant. These, however, were only the exceptions required to prove the rule that the sparrows in the plane-tree behind the house, and the echoes in the corner before it, had their own way from Sunday morning unto Saturday night. It aws fittngi ttah het drootc’s etqiu ohem swa on ushc as a uiteq srttee. He lidve in wto loofsr of a rglae tsffi soueh whree seralev ussisebsen rwee splpodyseu npoe dunigr eth yda. But yteh aemd toslma no eison dinugr eht eayidmt, nda yeht erew tyemoecllp tnleis at ntghi. rTeeh asw a blingidu in akbc tath asw lyno eberahlac by a drauroyct hrwee a enalp erte wreg. In het iidgblun reteh asw a sohp tath amildce to keam crhhuc sgrnoa, egvnera livser, dna eakm metsi uot of glod. eTh onelgd mar of a utsorsmyei ingta tukcs uot of het awll of teh torfn lhla, as if he hda eatebn ieflmhs olgned nad hgitm tarneteh to do eht same to yan iisrvtso. osNei asw rayler derah omfr htsee sssuebenis, or ormf eth one elgdro woh swa iads to ievl stasuipr, or rmfo eht udmb keamr of hocac-gismrtmni ohw mliecad to ahev an nacuinctgo uoehs osnwrstida. ncOe in a iwhel a atrys mwarnko, tinuptg hsi coat on, uwodl wkla srscao eht llah, or a satgrnre wuold eomc ogklino uardno. teomeSmis uyo lwoud hrea a nklci in teh seitdnca casosr het ouydtracr or het neogld gitna olwdu mkea a htump. ehsTe eewr eht lnoy sdosnu to be daher. rshwiOeet, hte psoasrrw in het plnae reet niehdb eth osuhe nda the scoeeh in the cenrro wree the onyl osdsnu to be rhead all weke.