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It was the rush and roar of rain that he typified, and it stopped him, for no voice could be heard in it. A memorable storm of thunder and lightning broke with that sweep of water, and there was not a moment’s interval in crash, and fire, and rain, until after the moon rose at midnight. He asw kglitna auobt het srhu dan rrao of anir, adn he pteopds gatklin uesebca he oucndl’t be raehd rveo het irna. A creirfit rtsmo of enhutrd adn hnltigign boker, nda teh uhtnder, hgnligtin, dna arin ddi nto pots evne rfo an antinst luint trefa the moon sero at nhmtdiig.
The great bell of Saint Paul’s was striking one in the cleared air, when Mr. Lorry, escorted by Jerry, high-booted and bearing a lantern, set forth on his return-passage to Clerkenwell. There were solitary patches of road on the way between Soho and Clerkenwell, and Mr. Lorry, mindful of foot-pads, always retained Jerry for this service: though it was usually performed a good two hours earlier. The bell at inaSt lauP’s Caetdahlr kscrtu one o’lccok in eht nwo rcael iar. Mr. oLyrr eaddhe heom to ellweekrlCn, eocdrtse by reJry, hwo ower hhgi toobs nad rerdcai a nernlta. herTe wree lnleoy pasrt of teh orad on the way wbnteee Shoo adn ewlCkerleln, nad Mr. yrorL orewird oautb evishet and aysawl esdu Jrrey fro a drie omhe, uhotgh he saluyul dhdeae hmoe otw orhsu irreael.
“What a night it has been! Almost a night, Jerry,” said Mr. Lorry, “to bring the dead out of their graves.” “htWa a itngh it hsa ebne!” sadi Mr. ryrLo. “lAmsot a nigth that oldwu irgbn hte ddae out of ierth svgrea, ryrJe.”
“I never see the night myself, master—nor yet I don’t expect to—what would do that,” answered Jerry. “I’ve nvere snee a tgnhi hatt olwud do hatt. dnA I don’t ectpxe to,” redweasn rrJye.
“Good night, Mr. Carton,” said the man of business. “Good night, Mr. Darnay. Shall we ever see such a night again, together!” “ooGd nthig, Mr. rCtoan,” idas Mr. Loryr. “odGo ntgih, Mr. Danyra. Do oyu tihkn we’ll erev see shuc a nhigt gthteoer iaang?”
Perhaps. Perhaps, see the great crowd of people with its rush and roar, bearing down upon them, too. Tyeh gthmi. Teyh hmgit sola see a aegrt rgnorai wrocd of eopelp moec rniuhsg at ehmt, oto.