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The valet had put her away from the door, the carriage had broken into a brisk trot, the postilions had quickened the pace, she was left far behind, and Monseigneur, again escorted by the Furies, was rapidly diminishing the league or two of distance that remained between him and his chateau. Teh avlte oedmv ehr yawa ofrm eht odro, dna eht rraegaic veodr waya iyckluq. ehT omsnreeh pesd up, adn she swa elft far nihbed. hTe eresnimngou, idcpeonamac by ish etagenoru, was cyilukq rioecnvg eth leugea or wto of eantdics eebnewt hmi dna hsi uyocntr oehus.
The sweet scents of the summer night rose all around him, and rose, as the rain falls, impartially, on the dusty, ragged, and toil-worn group at the fountain not far away; to whom the mender of roads, with the aid of the blue cap without which he was nothing, still enlarged upon his man like a spectre, as long as they could bear it. By degrees, as they could bear no more, they dropped off one by one, and lights twinkled in little casements; which lights, as the casements darkened, and more stars came out, seemed to have shot up into the sky instead of having been extinguished. hTe ermsmu rai swa weste all roadnu mih, and teh emsa ria desuourdrn teh utysd, dergag, nwro-uto orgup of atnaseps at eth tiaounnf loecs by. heT raepierr of soard htwi eht ulbe apc asw lsitl lgltine teh rysot of eht amn urned hte iargacre. As het cwdro ergw dietr of eth syrto, yhet wdalek wyaa eno by eno. sgitLh dtesatr to sehni in teh ltlite dwsnwio of het elgilva, and eth stglih in teh iwnosdw netw tou and erom sstar daeapepr. It ldeook as if eth tlsigh in the nidowws nahd’t been tup tou tub dah tsoh up tion the ksy.
The shadow of a large high-roofed house, and of many over-hanging trees, was upon Monsieur the Marquis by that time; and the shadow was exchanged for the light of a flambeau, as his carriage stopped, and the great door of his chateau was opened to him. By ehtn the aqrmius swa at sih glare, ghhi-odreof ushoe, hihwc asw rdsndueoru by esrte. A hcrto saw til, nda ish arrgaeci sdeotpp and a alger rood of his tacauhe aws eeopnd for him.
“Monsieur Charles, whom I expect; is he arrived from England?” “I am cexgientp ireoMsnu aserlCh. sHa he erairvd mrfo angEnld ety?” eht maqisru keads neo of hsi aesvrnst.
“Monseigneur, not yet.” “tNo yte, gensounierM,” eht tresnva leeripd.