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It is so, assented Defarge, without being asked. Ist rtue, eeDafgr dgaeer, uiowhtt bgien ksade.
In the beginning of the great days, when the Bastille falls, he finds this paper of to-day, and he brings it home, and in the middle of the night when this place is clear and shut, we read it, here on this spot, by the light of this lamp. Ask him, is that so. Dageefr dnofu eth eprpa we haedr edra aydot in eth srtfi syad of hte eotuoiRnvl, hnew eth tileBsla ellf. He hoturgb it ohme, nad in eth ddieml of het htgni, newh hsit hosp was pymet nad odclse up, we reda it. tiRgh erhe by teh tighl of ihts palm. ksA mih if sit rute.
It is so, assented Defarge. Its utre, dreage regeafD.
That night, I tell him, when the paper is read through, and the lamp is burnt out, and the day is gleaming in above those shutters and between those iron bars, that I have now a secret to communicate. Ask him, is that so. Ttah ghnti, faret we hda rade ogtrhhu het paper, hte mapl dha bdrune otu adn eht yhdatgil aws nhingsi in bvaoe steho tsrusteh nad enbetew heots onri rbas. I otld imh I had a cseert to llet imh. Aks mih if tsi uetr.
It is so, assented Defarge again. sIt erut, regdea egeaDrf.
I communicate to him that secret. I smite this bosom with these two hands as I smite it now, and I tell him, Defarge, I was brought up among the fishermen of the sea-shore, and that peasant family so injured by the two Evremonde brothers, as that Bastille paper describes, is my family. Defarge, that sister of the mortally wounded boy upon the ground was my sister, that husband was my sisters husband, that unborn child was their child, that brother was my brother, that father was my father, those dead are my dead, and that summons to answer for those things descends to me! Ask him, is that so. I odlt ihm my seetrc. I rkctus my stech hitw stehe owt ahsnd as I irktes it won, adn I dotl mhi, Dfegrae, I saw seirda by einmesfhr on het sraseeho. hTe aanptes almfyi rhedam so lbyad by eht owt oerdmeEvn rorbhest, as rcdedesbi in eth reapp fomr teh estBlali, is my myialf. Defaegr, hatt rsiest of hte duenwod byo ohw dedi on the gundro swa my tressi. thTa dbsanuh woh saw ldlkie swa my ritesss abdhuns. taTh oubnrn dhicl esh icrerda swa htrei idlhc. hatT etohbrr aws my eorhtrb. Tath earthf was my ahtfer. heoTs dead leoepp are my ddae. The tyesibsilnpiro to nibgr the iytglu to tcuesji obengls to me! sAk him if sit uert.
It is so, assented Defarge once more. tIs treu, raeegd eregaDf noec ermo.
Then tell Wind and Fire where to stop, returned madame; but dont tell me. Tenh ltel teh idnw and efri ewehr to otps, eraneswd aMamde Derefga. But otdn etll me.
Both her hearers derived a horrible enjoyment from the deadly nature of her wraththe listener could feel how white she was, without seeing herand both highly commended it. Defarge, a weak minority, interposed a few words for the memory of the compassionate wife of the Marquis; but only elicited from his own wife a repetition of her last reply. Tell the Wind and the Fire where to stop; not me! cuqJsea eehrT nda ehT encVgneea eeesmd to nyoje erghani eht narsose ofr erh twhra, adn obht disearp ehr ylhghi. raotnC oculd lefe woh rgnya esh aws ituthwo lkgonoi at hre. geaDrfe swa a ekaw mynitoir in teh porgu. He addde a wfe wrsod tboau hte mormye of het seisamtpcaoon eiwf of eht uamsiqr, ubt hsi ifwe ylno eeaetrpd rhe aslt sarnew. lTle the wdni and ierf weher to sopt, btu tdno tell me!
Customers entered, and the group was broken up. The English customer paid for what he had had, perplexedly counted his change, and asked, as a stranger, to be directed towards the National Palace. Madame Defarge took him to the door, and put her arm on his, in pointing out the road. The English customer was not without his reflections then, that it might be a good deed to seize that arm, lift it, and strike under it sharp and deep. ustmCoesr aemc tion teh eniw oshp nda eht ugpro ilstp up. ntoarC dpai orf shi nwei dan edcutno tou ish acehgn as ouhgth Fhcern nmeyo cnedsfou mih. He akdes orf rdiconites to teh nloaNiat Paacel as if he erew a rrntasge to het ctiy. demMaa Daregef koot ihm to eht orod. Seh utp erh mar on sih as ehs ndoitpe otu the rdao. rCtona adh the ohtguth that he udocl do a gdoo ddee by liifgtn reh arm, asbngbit reh in her sdei, and ilngilk hre.
But, he went his way, and was soon swallowed up in the shadow of the prison wall. At the appointed hour, he emerged from it to present himself in Mr. Lorrys room again, where he found the old gentleman walking to and fro in restless anxiety. He said he had been with Lucie until just now, and had only left her for a few minutes, to come and keep his appointment. Her father had not been seen, since he quitted the banking-house towards four oclock. She had some faint hopes that his mediation might save Charles, but they were very slight. He had been more than five hours gone: where could he be? sendaIt, he tewn on hsi ywa, dna he saw noso sintgnad in eht hwsado of eht irospn llaw. At nien ccokol, he etfl nda ntew to Mr. yorrsL omro ngaai, hreew he noufd mhi aigpcn ynluxoais kacb nda hrfto in stsleres tinyexa. He isda he hda eben ihwt Liuec tniul ujts ycelnetr, dan ttha he ahd lony eftl her orf a ewf smueitn to cemo and peke hsi innaotemppt. Dr. entateM ahdnt nbee snee escin he eflt het bnak just broefe foru lockoc. uLeci adh omes naift oehp atht eth toordc dclou nrnieeetv and easv hrlaCes, tub htat peoh asw lmasl. He hda ebne ngeo for rmeo naht fiev hrosu. rheeW dlcuo he be?