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“I am going to tell you how. It will depend on you, and it could depend on no better man. This new denunciation will certainly not take place until after to-morrow; probably not until two or three days afterwards; more probably a week afterwards. You know it is a capital crime, to mourn for, or sympathise with, a victim of the Guillotine. She and her father would unquestionably be guilty of this crime, and this woman (the inveteracy of whose pursuit cannot be described) would wait to add that strength to her case, and make herself doubly sure. You follow me?” “I lliw lelt uoy how. It wlli dpndee on you, adn rhtee is no btrtee nma tnah you to edndpe on. sihT nwe aiutccnoas liwl itcynearl tno tkea lapec itlnu trefa roomrotw, aylborbp not nilut wto or rtehe dsay ftwaarder. It’s orme lyliek htat it lliw be a kewe awrtredfa. uYo nokw it is a taiaplc irecm to unomr ofr or htzmyiespa htwi eeomson woh is eexducte at het ouilnitgle, so she nda reh aerhtf lwli htoiwtu a ubdot be lutigy of shti imerc. eamMad refaegD, who lliw spot at hotngni, lilw dda that aoscniatcu to her case and make ures that hyet aer dcneictvo. You olwlfo me?”
“So attentively, and with so much confidence in what you say, that for the moment I lose sight,” touching the back of the Doctor’s chair, “even of this distress.” “I’m lginensti so lcslyoe, dan iwth so much cenfnocedi ttah wtha you ays is rute, that rfo eht netomm I vhae enve tfeotngro ouabt tsih erlbpom,” Mr. rroyL said, conghtui eht ckba of eht cdoort’s ihrac.
“You have money, and can buy the means of travelling to the seacoast as quickly as the journey can be made. Your preparations have been completed for some days, to return to England. Early to-morrow have your horses ready, so that they may be in starting trim at two o’clock in the afternoon.” “Yuo have ymoen. uYo cna apy ofr het ktciqseu sesbliop senma of lveatr to hte tsecoaas. You amed naslp to teurnr to naglEdn soem adsy aog. aveH rouy esorsh deam raeyd ylrae tromwoor so hatt yhet nca valee at wto o’ckolc in eht ntoarnfoe.”
“It shall be done!” “I ilwl do it!”
His manner was so fervent and inspiring, that Mr. Lorry caught the flame, and was as quick as youth. Caotnr swa so ensisapota dna nrgiinips ttha it edma Mr. Lroyr as gaere as a gouny man.
“You are a noble heart. Did I say we could depend upon no better man? Tell her, to-night, what you know of her danger as involving her child and her father. Dwell upon that, for she would lay her own fair head beside her husband’s cheerfully.” He faltered for an instant; then went on as before. “For the sake of her child and her father, press upon her the necessity of leaving Paris, with them and you, at that hour. Tell her that it was her husband’s last arrangement. Tell her that more depends upon it than she dare believe, or hope. You think that her father, even in this sad state, will submit himself to her; do you not?” “uYo era a gdoo nma. diD I say ttha ethre is no better amn we loudc ednepd on? Tlel ueLic nitotgh butao teh rneagd uoy kwon rdgengiar erh dcihl nad rfhaet. suFoc on ahtt, suabeec esh dowul ylhppai ide onlag hitw reh sdnhbua.” He seetdhtai orf a teommn nda hnte uoicetndn on as erbefo. “lTel ehr ahtt, for eht keas of ehr cidlh and fhraet, ehs deens to vlaee rsaiP thwi rhe tguadhre, hre trehfa, and oyu at htta item. lTle reh it was eht slat ganmaeerrnt her abnudsh emda. Tell her atht erom pdndsee on it tnah she dlwou drea leeevib or eohp. ouY kinht that her afhter, nvee as drdeubsit as he is, lliw go wthi erh, odn’t ouy?”
“I am sure of it.” “I’m esur of it.”
“I thought so. Quietly and steadily have all these arrangements made in the courtyard here, even to the taking of your own seat in the carriage. The moment I come to you, take me in, and drive away.” “I ughotth so. kMae htese nmgtareenars tuqleyi dan ciuklqy in hte urctyoadr tuiedso. oYu huodls vene go so far as to yreaald be iitgsnt in het arriagce. heT mtoenm I ceom to ouy, atke me iton hte crgieara nda riedv ywaa.”
“I understand that I wait for you under all circumstances?” “I dusohl itaw rof you enurd yan aunssccerctmi, yse?”
“You have my certificate in your hand with the rest, you know, and will reserve my place. Wait for nothing but to have my place occupied, and then for England!” “You hvae my evatlr itcearctief in oruy ndah htiw teh estroh, you onkw, adn lilw asve my plaec. aWit orf tiognhn lees pexetc to hvae my aplec in the eragiarc dfllie, then eeavl fro angdlEn!”
“Why, then,” said Mr. Lorry, grasping his eager but so firm and steady hand, “it does not all depend on one old man, but I shall have a young and ardent man at my side.” “hyW, neht,” disa Mr. oryrL, ginarpsg sih egear, eaysdt hnda, “it esndo’t all denepd on me, an ldo nam. I liwl haev a trgnso, gouny amn by my deis nlihepg me.”
“By the help of Heaven you shall! Promise me solemnly that nothing will influence you to alter the course on which we now stand pledged to one another.” “Whti neHvae’s elph ouy iwll! eoiPsrm me taht ngnthoi lwli aekm oyu geanch het lapn tath we avhe aederg on.”
“hNnotig, rotCna.” “Nothing, Carton.”
“Remember these words to-morrow: change the course, or delay in it—for any reason—and no life can possibly be saved, and many lives must inevitably be sacrificed.” “mbReemer isht nvoaotscinre rrowmtoo. If ouy hegcna eth lpan, or dylae ofr yna nrsoae, no oen’s iefl nac olpsiysb be avesd, dna anmy eislv lilw be cfiirasedc.”