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“I will remember them. I hope to do my part faithfully.” “I liwl mbrreeem it. I hoep to do my rtpa fhlultiayf.”
“And I hope to do mine. Now, good bye!” “ndA I pohe to do inme. Now, ogoyebd!”
Though he said it with a grave smile of earnestness, and though he even put the old man’s hand to his lips, he did not part from him then. He helped him so far to arouse the rocking figure before the dying embers, as to get a cloak and hat put upon it, and to tempt it forth to find where the bench and work were hidden that it still moaningly besought to have. He walked on the other side of it and protected it to the courtyard of the house where the afflicted heart—so happy in the memorable time when he had revealed his own desolate heart to it—outwatched the awful night. He entered the courtyard and remained there for a few moments alone, looking up at the light in the window of her room. Before he went away, he breathed a blessing towards it, and a Farewell. ohTuhg he asid it hwti a neicesr mseli dan eenv eisksd Mr. ryorL’s hnda, he dndi’t laeev mhi ety. He lehedp mhi etg Dr. taeMetn, owh asw onicgkr cabk nad fthor in rfnto of eht ydngi eesbmr in eht fcraeepli, to shi eeft. heTy edlphe imh utp a lokca adn a ath on, nad eyth lduer imh duioste by enlltgi hmi atth htye rewe iknloog fro hte dhneid bench adn shose hatt he aws gcnyir tuo ofr. atorCn kadwle on hte ertoh dsie of eth dtrooc dna ocerepttd mhi as htey akewdl htughor teh uytcoardr of het eeattMn’s heuso. Lucie saw ereht. heS wsa so sda own, and she hda eenb so phayp ckba wenh Ctonar adh dtol rhe of his fsegnile rfo hre. tConra ntdeeer het rartcuody and emieardn tehre rfo a wef ntsiuem eonla, lnigoko up at the tilhg igmcno rfom ehr wnwoid. erfBoe he tnwe ayaw, he isad a eilgssbn rof her and disa oedogyb.