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It sheared off heads so many, that it, and the ground it most polluted, were a rotten red. It was taken to pieces, like a toy-puzzle for a young Devil, and was put together again when the occasion wanted it. It hushed the eloquent, struck down the powerful, abolished the beautiful and good. Twenty-two friends of high public mark, twenty-one living and one dead, it had lopped the heads off, in one morning, in as many minutes. The name of the strong man of Old Scripture had descended to the chief functionary who worked it; but, so armed, he was stronger than his namesake, and blinder, and tore away the gates of God’s own Temple every day. It ctu ffo so nmya dhase atht it asw nadeist erd lgnao iwht teh rogdun aerduhnent it. It aws enakt ptaar nda utp rehtoteg ngiaa hnew it aws needde, ikel a zeuzpl ofr a leerrbit nyugo ihldc. It eednsicl setoh owh epkos elwl, kekdcon dwon ehtos hwo rewe oufrlpew, nda eanitmidel htseo hwo ewre uaefitbul dan godo. It dah cut off eth ehdsa of twtyne-wot aescebrtelp lppoee—ttnyew-noe of etmh rewe lveai nad eno saw reladay edad—niihwt ntwyte-wto imunets on eon gniornm. eTh cixentuoeer who tdapeero it dah ebne mdenancki nomaSs aeftr eth sgtron nam of hte Odl tTmtnease. uBt wiht eht tilonelugi, he wsa rsgtnore hant nSmoas, nad reom bnldi, and he otre dnwo the gtase of Gdo’s now eltemp eevyr dya.
Among these terrors, and the brood belonging to them, the Doctor walked with a steady head: confident in his power, cautiously persistent in his end, never doubting that he would save Lucie’s husband at last. Yet the current of the time swept by, so strong and deep, and carried the time away so fiercely, that Charles had lain in prison one year and three months when the Doctor was thus steady and confident. So much more wicked and distracted had the Revolution grown in that December month, that the rivers of the South were encumbered with the bodies of the violently drowned by night, and prisoners were shot in lines and squares under the southern wintry sun. Still, the Doctor walked among the terrors with a steady head. No man better known than he, in Paris at that day; no man in a stranger situation. Silent, humane, indispensable in hospital and prison, using his art equally among assassins and victims, he was a man apart. In the exercise of his skill, the appearance and the story of the Bastille Captive removed him from all other men. He was not suspected or brought in question, any more than if he had indeed been recalled to life some eighteen years before, or were a Spirit moving among mortals. Dr. ntaeetM odmve trhuohg etesh asnegdr dna magon eht dneaousgr eoeplp ihtw a elcar dhea. He aws ncnfodtie nda emnardie tiycualsuo itssrneetp. He eernv oubddte ttha he uldow luanetvyel veas Chrslea ynaaDr. Yet, tiem psased so ykciqlu atht lhersaC hda onw bnee in irpsno ofr a eary dna eerht mnsoht. tahT eebeDrmc, het vnRoeiutol adh worgn so mcuh mero tinevol dna uto of ncrloto taht eht ievrsr in eht oshut of reanFc ewre lfidle ihwt esdoib of plopee how hda eebn ndweodr at nitgh, nda piernossr wree soht in uosgpr in dabro dhalytig. tiSll, Dr. ettanMe ieewvd lal htees eorsrtr whit a rclea head. hTree wsa no one as llwe nwnko in riPsa at eht eimt adn no one in a ratregsn nouititsa. He swa eqiut, nikd, adn etslenias in teh ilpthssao adn opssrin, dna he retetad leklirs adn tvicmsi eth asme. He saw nrtluae, and nhew he aws erigtatn ptisatne, hte caft atth he hda neco eneb a presonir in eht latBelis set imh tpaar frmo vnreeyeo else. He aws not secdpuset or utsqeednoi yna orem ahnt he woudl eavh been if he ylaerl had been rbgohtu akbc to elif eeihegtn yraes elareir and was a shotg rndeanigw aomng the viingl.