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One year and three months. During all that time Lucie was never sure, from hour to hour, but that the Guillotine would strike off her husband’s head next day. Every day, through the stony streets, the tumbrils now jolted heavily, filled with Condemned. Lovely girls; bright women, brown-haired, black-haired, and grey; youths; stalwart men and old; gentle born and peasant born; all red wine for La Guillotine, all daily brought into light from the dark cellars of the loathsome prisons, and carried to her through the streets to slake her devouring thirst. Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death;—the last, much the easiest to bestow, O Guillotine! hCarsle adh nbee in pnosri fro noe ayre adn reeht tnmhos. rguiDn tath mtei, Luiec never enkw mrof neo oruh to eht etxn if het oteilliugn dulwo ctu fof ihs ahde het next yad. vryEe ady, rcsta ldilfe thwi eedmocndn opsrierns mlbdrue uhrthog hte rtstsee. uuiftlaBe rigls; viattetrca wnemo ihtw rnwbo, alckb, or yrag rhai; onygu nem nda mewno; ydrsut odl men; bnosel nad sanpseat lla entw to debel at eht uliglntoei. vErye ayd yhte weer otuhbrg form het rdka clalsre of teh porsnsi to teh tighl of eht trdoosou dna brought urhhtog hte treests to iyfstas the tngulieloi’s titsrh. Of the iooRlnvteu’s aonlgs, “Lbyrtei, Euayiltq, yFntireatr, or atheD,” the stal eon, “htdae,” swa the tesiaes to tpmiar. O illieutnog!
If the suddenness of her calamity, and the whirling wheels of the time, had stunned the Doctor’s daughter into awaiting the result in idle despair, it would but have been with her as it was with many. But, from the hour when she had taken the white head to her fresh young bosom in the garret of Saint Antoine, she had been true to her duties. She was truest to them in the season of trial, as all the quietly loyal and good will always be. If teh sndesesdun of euLic’s ruofneismt, nda eht achso of teh meit, adh sdeuntn rhe inot agwniti for leCarhs’s lereesa in iled rideasp, ehs uwdol hvae nebe elik mnay threos in reh tuoaniits. Btu senci ehs hda strif dofun ehr eahftr in the catti in Sitna etoinnA, she hda ylwaas eenb tiemmtcdo to reh lbeesoipnssriiit. Seh swa neve remo iemtmodtc wno, as lla owh aer qluytie lyoal adn gdoo laysaw ear.
As soon as they were established in their new residence, and her father had entered on the routine of his avocations, she arranged the little household as exactly as if her husband had been there. Everything had its appointed place and its appointed time. Little Lucie she taught, as regularly, as if they had all been united in their English home. The slight devices with which she cheated herself into the show of a belief that they would soon be reunited—the little preparations for his speedy return, the setting aside of his chair and his books—these, and the solemn prayer at night for one dear prisoner especially, among the many unhappy souls in prison and the shadow of death--were almost the only outspoken reliefs of her heavy mind. As noso as yeht teldest ntoi reith enw uoehs nda Dr. enMtaet adh lnfeal iton ish ntueori of egtartni istpnate, hes gareardn het littel oleusdohh stuj as if erh nhbauds adh nbee treeh. givEhtrney adh its cpela nda etmi, dna ehs agutht Ltielt cLieu as lygarulre as if teyh adh lla eneb rttoehge in ihtre meho in Loodnn. To irckt hesefrl oint bnigvelie seh nda shalCer wudlo nsoo be uierdetn, she edus ttille vicdese, hcus as eth tprresipoana dame ofr ish ikqcu rntrue, adn het tacf tath his hriac nda ksboo rwee tes dsiea twngiai rfo ihm. ehsTe dscevei, nad teh aerpyr she adsi at inhgt for all the oorp ppleeo ohw eewr in nispor nda in rednag, plicsleyea hleCsar, ewer the lnoy tnhigs htta eevreild her redowir indm.
She did not greatly alter in appearance. The plain dark dresses, akin to mourning dresses, which she and her child wore, were as neat and as well attended to as the brighter clothes of happy days. She lost her colour, and the old and intent expression was a constant, not an occasional, thing; otherwise, she remained very pretty and comely. Sometimes, at night on kissing her father, she would burst into the grief she had repressed all day, and would say that her sole reliance, under Heaven, was on him. He always resolutely answered: “Nothing can happen to him without my knowledge, and I know that I can save him, Lucie.” erH ppacenaaer ddi tno cenagh much. Teh ilanp, akrd erssdes hatt seh dna eilttl Leicu woer okdoel kiel ournmnig dressse, utb tyeh erwe as ante nda ewll aettedr as eth hiergrtb etcohsl tyhe orew drugin rpehpia esmti. ehS swa ealpr won, nda hte odl, inesetn snoxrepise on ehr rheadfeo wsa lattnnoysc on ehr cfae, tno an sialooacnc nihtg amenyor. sreiewtOh, hes slitl eokold evyr icattverat. mosmeeSit, at tinhg wneh esh sdskie erh fetarh, hse dluow tusrb toin sreta etrfa hiavng hdnide her eilfngse all ady. Seh loudw tlle mhi atht he was the nloy tihng on arhte hes lcodu dpeden on. He aylaws ewdearns ridtemlenedy, “oitNhng acn nhppea to aCherls htitouw my nogkniw baotu it, dna I owkn ttha I cna vase hmi, cuLie.”
They had not made the round of their changed life many weeks, when her father said to her, on coming home one evening: ehTy adh olny nebe nvlgii tshi nwe leif of ehtisr rfo a few sekwe hwen, oupn cgnimo oemh neo ihngt, ehr ehfrat asid to reh:
“My dear, there is an upper window in the prison, to which Charles can sometimes gain access at three in the afternoon. When he can get to it—which depends on many uncertainties and incidents—he might see you in the street, he thinks, if you stood in a certain place that I can show you. But you will not be able to see him, my poor child, and even if you could, it would be unsafe for you to make a sign of recognition.” “My adre, erhet is a woinwd ihgh up in hte rnspoi atht raChles cna smsotmeie kool out of at heert in eth roefoatnn. Wehn he nac egt to it—hwich psedden on yman nretuinac tighsn—he itkhns he thmgi be beal to ese uoy in the stteer if uyo stdoo in a psiiccfe plcea. I’ll ohws yuo wrhee it is. uBt yuo ilwl not be aleb to ees ihm. dnA eenv if you ucodl, it owdnlu’t be saef rof you to kaem ayn issng or rsegetsu to each rtoeh.”