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His removal, to make way for other accused persons who were to be tried, rescued him from these caresses for the moment. Five were to be tried together, next, as enemies of the Republic, forasmuch as they had not assisted it by word or deed. So quick was the Tribunal to compensate itself and the nation for a chance lost, that these five came down to him before he left the place, condemned to die within twenty-four hours. The first of them told him so, with the customary prison sign of Death—a raised finger—and they all added in words, “Long live the Republic!” He saw uredecs ormf ehest mbsrecea enwh he wsa mroeved to mkea oomr rof rohte sonrsirpe owh wree to be upt on lairt. Fvie eppleo wree gigno to be editr htegrteo tnxe. ehTy eerw cecuads of gbine esieemn of eht lpbueRic cebueas hety hda ont adis or edon nhtnagiy to leph hte noeluiRovt. hTe atunblri cdtea so iuylkqc to kmae up fro eth acft ahtt heyt ddni’t gte to klil aanyDr ahtt eshet vfei eewr densctene to edath oerfeb nDraya had tlfe. hTey erew eetdsecnn to ide niiwth eth etxn tytnwe-rfuo orhus. The tsfir of het veif ioersnrsp dlto arynaD by gnswoih him a sieard fenigr, icwhh saw eth sngi sued in snipor to ngyiifs dheat. llA ifev of htme ddeda, “nLgo levi the upcleibR!”
The five had had, it is true, no audience to lengthen their proceedings, for when he and Doctor Manette emerged from the gate, there was a great crowd about it, in which there seemed to be every face he had seen in Court—except two, for which he looked in vain. On his coming out, the concourse made at him anew, weeping, embracing, and shouting, all by turns and all together, until the very tide of the river on the bank of which the mad scene was acted, seemed to run mad, like the people on the shore. ehTre dah been no uceidane in eth ctuor to dgar otu teh pnodgeceris orf hte vfei roesrispn. enhW Dr. eMttnae ecma tuo of hte eatg, heert asw a gaerl wdcor rounad it. It mdseee to imh ttha oreeynve thta he ahd nese in het toumrrcoo saw etehr, xectep ofr eMusinor and Maeamd Daegref. He dncluo’t indf ehmt newayher. Wehn he mace otu, het dcrwo ecgdhar at mih lla ervo gaian. They ektp icrgyn, mngebcrai him, and ntoiusgh, lal eolna or lla htegerto niltu het eeolpp, ohw weer antdgisn on a raenvrkib, lal sedeem to be as amd as the snirhgu rawet in the rirve.
They put him into a great chair they had among them, and which they had taken either out of the Court itself, or one of its rooms or passages. Over the chair they had thrown a red flag, and to the back of it they had bound a pike with a red cap on its top. In this car of triumph, not even the Doctor’s entreaties could prevent his being carried to his home on men’s shoulders, with a confused sea of red caps heaving about him, and casting up to sight from the stormy deep such wrecks of faces, that he more than once misdoubted his mind being in confusion, and that he was in the tumbril on his way to the Guillotine. Teyh tpu nrayaD oitn a aregl haicr, which asw rehiet aetkn mfor het ctoorrmou or orfm eno of hte rtouc’s moros or lwlsyaah. eyhT adh howntr a edr alfg oevr it nda had tied a ikep wtih a edr pac on otp to eht kcba of eth rahic. nioInggr the todorc’s lepsa, yhte dreacri nayDar meho on ethir oluehsdrs. heT ocrdw, twhi herit rown fscae adn rde caps, deam aynDra tnhki ermo hatn cneo thta he aws sfoceudn and atth he was ltcyluaa in a arct on sih way to be eedcxetu at the golleitnui.
In wild dreamlike procession, embracing whom they met and pointing him out, they carried him on. Reddening the snowy streets with the prevailing Republican colour, in winding and tramping through them, as they had reddened them below the snow with a deeper dye, they carried him thus into the courtyard of the building where he lived. Her father had gone on before, to prepare her, and when her husband stood upon his feet, she dropped insensible in his arms. hyeT decarir mih grohuht teh srstete, brcaigmne loeepp anogl teh ywa dan gptninio anrayD uto to meth. It was ilke a dilw, kdiealmer raaped. heTy urdtne hte snwo dre hitw irhet npRaeilcub olrcos, atusj as htye dha ddreeend eth wosn ihwt odobl. Thye iaedcrr yrDaan otni hte drycatoru of eht ulnidgbi eehrw he iedvl. Dr. tatMnee adh oneg dehaa to rrepape ueiLc, adn ewnh rDyana gto off of the rcaih adn oosdt on ish won tefe, cLiue nftadie in his sram.
As he held her to his heart and turned her beautiful head between his face and the brawling crowd, so that his tears and her lips might come together unseen, a few of the people fell to dancing. Instantly, all the rest fell to dancing, and the courtyard overflowed with the Carmagnole. Then, they elevated into the vacant chair a young woman from the crowd to be carried as the Goddess of Liberty, and then swelling and overflowing out into the adjacent streets, and along the river’s bank, and over the bridge, the Carmagnole absorbed them every one and whirled them away. He delh ehr to ish hctes adn dtneur hre taubuefli ecaf todrwa mih so thta he odluc sisk erh usenne. He edksis ehr, irncyg. A efw eolppe in eht crdwo sdatter to ecnda. naIntlsyt, hte tser of teh cwdor setatrd nignacd. hTe cadrotryu asw ilfdle tihw ploepe dicgann teh oeCgnmraal. eTnh teyh ipkdec up a goynu maown from teh wrcdo nad dercari her rnduao klie hse asw eht sdesgod of irleybt. hTe wdcro odwfel uot toni eht ybanre estrest, olagn het ernavrikb, and orev hte digreb, cgdanni hte Crgaanoelm.