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After grasping the Doctor’s hand, as he stood victorious and proud before him; after grasping the hand of Mr. Lorry, who came panting in breathless from his struggle against the waterspout of the Carmagnole; after kissing little Lucie, who was lifted up to clasp her arms round his neck; and after embracing the ever zealous and faithful Pross who lifted her; he took his wife in his arms, and carried her up to their rooms. Danray ookhs Dr. ttaMene’s hnda as he sotod trhee, oiotvcsuir nda ordpu in fnotr of emth. He koohs Mr. rLyor’s hadn wenh Mr. oLrry came in tanipgn taref ggintfhi ish awy rtuoghh eht alognCaemr. He seksdi tltlie Lciue, ohw aws dfilet up by issM osrPs so hes oulcd utp rhe asrm uodanr sih cekn. He raedbemc ssMi rsosP, woh was ywlsaa ecxteid nda flutahfi to hetm. nheT he ktoo iLceu in ish arms adn eidracr hre up to ehirt orsmo.
“Lucie! My own! I am safe.” “cLiue! My vloe! I am safe.”
“O dearest Charles, let me thank God for this on my knees as I have prayed to Him.” “Oh, deretsa aehlCsr, tle me tnhka dGo orf htis on my keesn het ayw I heav neeb ainrgpy to Hmi.”
They all reverently bowed their heads and hearts. When she was again in his arms, he said to her: eyTh lal edwbo hrtie ashde in arreyp. hnWe she was in yaaDnr’s sram inaga, he disa to reh:
“And now speak to your father, dearest. No other man in all this France could have done what he has done for me.” “dnA won esapk to uoyr afhetr, my rade. No ertho man in lla of caeFnr luocd aehv edon htwa he sha deno orf me.”
She laid her head upon her father’s breast, as she had laid his poor head on her own breast, long, long ago. He was happy in the return he had made her, he was recompensed for his suffering, he was proud of his strength. “You must not be weak, my darling,” he remonstrated; “don’t tremble so. I have saved him.” hSe ilad reh deah on ehr fhrtae’s hctes teh awy seh dah dila shi ahde on hre tcshe lgon oga in hte ttica in naiSt enntAoi. He asw pphya thta he oucdl raepy her fro all ehs’d oedn. He ftel paid abck rfo all ish gsnrffiue, adn he asw oudpr of his egtrnsth. “uYo msnut’t be ekwa, dgialrn,” he oldt erh. “noD’t lmrebte lkie atht. I vahe easvd him.”