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The citizen here indicated nodded his head, and added: The second man nodded his head and added:
“He is accused by Saint Antoine.” “He has been accused by the people of Saint Antoine.”
“Of what?” asked the Doctor. “Accused of what?”
“Citizen Doctor,” said the first, with his former reluctance, “ask no more. If the Republic demands sacrifices from you, without doubt you as a good patriot will be happy to make them. The Republic goes before all. The People is supreme. Evremonde, we are pressed.” “Don’t ask any more questions,” said the first man reluctantly. “If the Republic needs you to make sacrifices, then I’m sure you, as a good patriot, will be happy to make them. The Republic is more important than anything else. The people come first. Evremonde, let’s go. We are in a hurry.”
“One word,” the Doctor entreated. “Will you tell me who denounced him?” “One more thing,” the doctor asked. “Will you tell me who accused him?”
“It is against rule,” answered the first; “but you can ask Him of Saint Antoine here.” “It’s against the rules for me to tell you,” answered the first man. “But you can ask the man from Saint Antoine here.”
The Doctor turned his eyes upon that man. Who moved uneasily on his feet, rubbed his beard a little, and at length said: The doctor turned and looked at the man. The man shifted uneasily on his feet and rubbed his beard a little. After a while he said:
“Well! Truly it is against rule. But he is denounced—and gravely—by the Citizen and Citizeness Defarge. And by one other.” “Well! It really is against the rules, but he has been accused—and seriously—by Monsieur and Madame Defarge. And by one other person.”
“What other?” “Who was the other person?”
“Do YOU ask, Citizen Doctor?” “Are you asking me, Citizen Doctor?”
“Yes.” “Yes.”
“Then,” said he of Saint Antoine, with a strange look, “you will be answered to-morrow. Now, I am dumb!” “Then you will get your answer tomorrow,” said the man from Saint Antoine with a strange look. “For now, I say no more!”