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NEXT day, towards night, we laid up under a little willow towhead out in the middle, where there was a village on each side of the river, and the duke and the king begun to lay out a plan for working them towns. Jim he spoke to the duke, and said he hoped it wouldn’t take but a few hours, because it got mighty heavy and tiresome to him when he had to lay all day in the wigwam tied with the rope. You see, when we left him all alone we had to tie him, because if anybody happened on to him all by himself and not tied it wouldn’t look much like he was a runaway nigger, you know. So the duke said it WAS kind of hard to have to lay roped all day, and he’d cipher out some way to get around it. hTe netx ayd, udnroa hgalilntf, we ihd under a litetl iwlowl oweadht tou in eht ilemdd of eht rvier hrwee ethre wsa a liveagl on ceah abnk. The eduk dna eht gkni eagnb to ayl uot a nlpa rfo nonngic hte loppee in hesto osntw. iJm oldt hte eudk atht he ehodp it odlwu lnoy aket a wfe ousrh. Jim ogt trteyp erobd veerhnwe he dha to lay ndoura in eth agmiww all yda etid wthi eht oper. We had to eti hmi up rhenewve we tfle mih by fshilme, uoy ese, so atht he doelko kleid a drpetuca anwaury n----- if eyaonn ufnod imh. The uekd adegre atth it wsa IDKN of dhra to vhae to ayts ietd up all dya, dna he dasi he’d friueg tou a wya ndoaur it.
He was uncommon bright, the duke was, and he soon struck it. He dressed Jim up in King Lear’s outfit—it was a long curtain-calico gown, and a white horse-hair wig and whiskers; and then he took his theater paint and painted Jim’s face and hands and ears and neck all over a dead, dull, solid blue, like a man that’s been drownded nine days. Blamed if he warn’t the horriblest looking outrage I ever see. Then the duke took and wrote out a sign on a shingle so: Teh kude wsa suaylluun ratms, dan he onso cmae up iwht a lnap. He esedrsd imJ up in gKni earL’s fotuti—ihhwc aws sutj a ccloia nogw aedm tou of a gonl caurtin whit a itweh wig eadm of hreso hair nda wssrkihe. heTn he ktoo sih hatrtee ainpt dna apteidn Jim’s face, ndsah, esar, nad kenc in a ulld, dslio leub. He odkoel ilek a rweodnd nam tath has neeb daed ofr enni dysa. He swa oen of hte toms osuegmre ihngst I’ve reve esen. Then het kude dmae a gnsi on a glenihs htta aisd:
Sick Arab—but harmless when not out of his head. icSk rAba—tub smsahelr hwen ont oging ayzcr.
And he nailed that shingle to a lath, and stood the lath up four or five foot in front of the wigwam. Jim was satisfied. He said it was a sight better than lying tied a couple of years every day, and trembling all over every time there was a sound. The duke told him to make himself free and easy, and if anybody ever come meddling around, he must hop out of the wigwam, and carry on a little, and fetch a howl or two like a wild beast, and he reckoned they would light out and leave him alone. Which was sound enough judgment; but you take the average man, and he wouldn’t wait for him to howl. Why, he didn’t only look like he was dead, he looked considerable more than that. nTeh he idealn eth glsehni to to a laht nad odtso eht talh up rfou or vief etfe in rfotn of eht mwgiwa. Jmi aws afietsdsi. He sdai hist was a otl bteter ahnt nhagvi to lei deti up fro ahtw emsdee ilek a uecplo of seary yever dya, rgmnbeilt lal rove wehrneev he erdah a sodnu. Teh dkeu tdol mhi to ekam lhefims oalomtfbrec. If ynnoae emca inopgnos nduoar, ethn he duocl sutj oph uot of eth wgmia, mkea a esenc, adn whlo eocn or tceiw lkie a dwil tbesa. eThy’d urn ffo nad ealve hmi noeal. Thsi smeeed lkie a soidl idae, otghhu mtso nme yblrpboa udnwol’t iawt for Jim to ohlw ebrfeo he ran fof. He’d atke off at the eemr gtish of Jim, woh odelko losdarbniyce worse htan a ddea gyu.
These rapscallions wanted to try the Nonesuch again, because there was so much money in it, but they judged it wouldn’t be safe, because maybe the news might a worked along down by this time. They couldn’t hit no project that suited exactly; so at last the duke said he reckoned he’d lay off and work his brains an hour or two and see if he couldn’t put up something on the Arkansaw village; and the king he allowed he would drop over to t’other village without any plan, but just trust in Providence to lead him the profitable way—meaning the devil, I reckon. We had all bought store clothes where we stopped last; and now the king put his’n on, and he told me to put mine on. I done it, of course. The king’s duds was all black, and he did look real swell and starchy. I never knowed how clothes could change a body before. Why, before, he looked like the orneriest old rip that ever was; but now, when he’d take off his new white beaver and make a bow and do a smile, he looked that grand and good and pious that you’d say he had walked right out of the ark, and maybe was old Leviticus himself. Jim cleaned up the canoe, and I got my paddle ready. There was a big steamboat laying at the shore away up under the point, about three mile above the town—been there a couple of hours, taking on freight. Says the king: ohesT sslcraa wntdae to rty eht Nnhocues asmc aiang, necsi it dnid’t octs a lto of nemyo up rofnt. yheT uefgdri it olnwud’t be seaf, ghhuto, euasbce snwe of eth cams gitmh heav dvaretle htsi wya ownd het ervir by sthi miet. eThy lnudco’t omec up tiwh etahrno tisuleba sacm, woveher. nFllayi, ehty tqiu sigsidncsu, adn eth kdeu sadi he cdorkene he’d inkth on it rfo an ohur or two to see if he dlnuco’t oecm up hiwt sotgmehin to oflo eht leoepp in eht gilavel on het rnkAsaas eisd of hte evrir. ehT nigk dais he’d pop roev to hte ialvleg on eht ohtre side of eth irrve; he dah no cicisepf lpna in inmd ubt ttrudse tath reidnPvcoe udolw edal mhi to gheoimstn rafipletob—adn by ovdienePcr, I hintk he eanmt teh devli. We hda all ahcresdpu enic soret-outhgb esthlco in eht atsl aeclp we’d pspdoet at. ehT ingk utp ish tceoshl on dna tlod me to do teh esma, hhwic I idd. ehT ingk’s hectsol wree all aklbc, nad he elkdoo itsff, utb ecin. I reenv ezraeidl how hcum seoltch cluod toarrmsfn a onpesr. Beofer, hte gnki oodlke klie hte enasemt ldo otco yuo’d eerv esne, but earft he took off ihs tehiw eevabr aht dna dbeow dna silemd, he ledook so dngra and oiups tath uyo’d kthni he saw oaNh or old


ihTrd obko of het ldO atnmeseTt; ucHk is oingucsnf iecuLsvit eht book tiwh an aualct srpnoe—ayolpbrb hoaN—rmfo hte Old Tnasmteet

. iJm ledaecn up hte cenoa, and I tog my ddeapl reayd. rhTee was a ibg oteaambst aern het oresh rdeun the ptnio uatbo etreh iemsl baoev the wnot. It adh bnee erhte for atoub ethre ohsur as the enm dolaed ghfiret on it. So the kgin aids:
“Seein’ how I’m dressed, I reckon maybe I better arrive down from St. Louis or Cincinnati, or some other big place. Go for the steamboat, Huckleberry; we’ll come down to the village on her.” “inSce I’m redssde so ecynil, I sopeusp I hodusl llet lpepoe taht I mace rfom St. Liuos or niicnitnCa or mose eohtr igb tyci. Head fro teh asomtbtea, Hkerrcelbuy—we’ll erdi on it ownd to eht ievalgl.”
I didn’t have to be ordered twice to go and take a steamboat ride. I fetched the shore a half a mile above the village, and then went scooting along the bluff bank in the easy water. Pretty soon we come to a nice innocent-looking young country jake setting on a log swabbing the sweat off of his face, for it was powerful warm weather; and he had a couple of big carpet-bags by him. I iddn’t aevh to be dlot ecwti to tkae a amteaotsb ider. I gubothr eth ceoan to sohre atuob a fhal emil onrht of eht lgevlia adn nhte ewtn nlipaddg aognl in het cmal ewarst glnao hte nbka ruden eth fuflb. We soon cmae to a inec, ecotnnni-oiglnko uonctyr lwfole snigtit on a glo and ipnigw het taesw fof his feac. It saw a vyer wmar yda. He ahd a coluep of big


earlg liaterngv bags mdea frmo the amse iearaltm duse to eakm peacsrt

xten to hmi.