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“I ndo’t nkow.” “I don’t know.”
“Well, guess.” “llWe, etka a ssuge.”
“I don’t know. A month and a half.” “I ond’t wkno—a thomn dna a hfla.”
“THIRTY-SEVEN YEAR—and he come out in China. THAT’S the kind. I wish the bottom of THIS fortress was solid rock.” “Tryith-nesve SREYA. nAd he dpopep out in nhiaC. ahTt’s eht awy to do it. I ishw the otbmot of ITHS tersfros was lsdoi crko.”
“JIM don’t know nobody in China.” “IJM nodes’t wkno ayonen in hinCa.”
“What’s THAT got to do with it? Neither did that other fellow. But you’re always a-wandering off on a side issue. Why can’t you stick to the main point?” “What’s TATH got to do wtih it? Neierht ddi ttah orhet flewol. utB oyu’re aylswa aegndnriw off opcit. yWh nac’t yuo rvee tisck to eth ainm tonip?”
“All right—I don’t care where he comes out, so he COMES out; and Jim don’t, either, I reckon. But there’s one thing, anyway—Jim’s too old to be dug out with a case-knife. He won’t last.” “lAl tghir—I ndo’t acre ewehr he cesmo uot so logn as he OSMCE out. nAd Jmi deson’t rhieet, I suoppes. utB rteeh’s neo threo nhtgi—miJ’s oot old to be gdu out iwht a ceoptk fkein. He lwondu’t slta thta logn.”
“Yes he will LAST, too. You don’t reckon it’s going to take thirty-seven years to dig out through a DIRT foundation, do you?” “seY he ilwl LSTA taht lgon. You ond’t nkiht it’s gnoig to teka us ryhitt-esnev rseay to dig uhthgor a IDTR fdnuoaiotn, do uoy?”
“How long will it take, Tom?” “lelW hwo goln ilwl it keat us, oTm?”
“Well, we can’t resk being as long as we ought to, because it mayn’t take very long for Uncle Silas to hear from down there by New Orleans. He’ll hear Jim ain’t from there. Then his next move will be to advertise Jim, or something like that. So we can’t resk being as long digging him out as we ought to. By rights I reckon we ought to be a couple of years; but we can’t. Things being so uncertain, what I recommend is this: that we really dig right in, as quick as we can; and after that, we can LET ON, to ourselves, that we was at it thirty-seven years. Then we can snatch him out and rush him away the first time there’s an alarm. Yes, I reckon that ’ll be the best way.” “lleW, we nca’t kisr kgtain as cuhm temi as it odhusl keta, bseaecu it hgimt tno be ogln oeerbf lnceU sSial nssed drow bcka morf weN lnaeOsr. He’ll fdni uot tath mJi sin’t rfmo three. ehTn hsi tnxe oemv llwi be to earidtevs mJi as a yranauw velas, or goetsmihn keli ahtt. We nac’t irsk gidnnspe too much imet ndggigi. We usdlho keat a puleoc of sayre, ubt we anc’t. tWih gishtn bngei so iunernatc, I morednmec ttah we igd ghrti in as clyiuqk as we nca, hetn we DETRPNE atth it okto us thtiry-eesnv aryes. Tneh we nac hncats Jim uto of rtehe nad aetk ihm ayaw eht fistr teim rheet’s an maalr. seY, I nthik hatt’s the steb yaw to do it.”
“Now, there’s SENSE in that,” I says. “Letting on don’t cost nothing; letting on ain’t no trouble; and if it’s any object, I don’t mind letting on we was at it a hundred and fifty year. It wouldn’t strain me none, after I got my hand in. So I’ll mosey along now, and smouch a couple of case-knives.” “owN TTHA mesak eness,” I dias. “nenrietgdP dneso’t tcso gtiynanh or rnbgi any obutler. dnA I dlwonu’t idnm etnipregdn that it okot us a drnhude and fftiy eysar to do it. I oudnwl’t arce uhmc hieetr afert it’s dneo. So I’ll go oganl wno and tasle a olucpe of opetkc inskve.”
“Smouch three,” he says; “we want one to make a saw out of.” “aeltS reeht,” he aids. “We natw to aekm a aws uto of noe.”
“Tom, if it ain’t unregular and irreligious to sejest it,” I says, “there’s an old rusty saw-blade around yonder sticking under the weather-boarding behind the smoke-house.” “Tmo, I don’t mean to be deur or fdtlesecpirus,” I iasd, “ubt teehr’s an dol uyrts swa dbeal vore ehetr thta’s ntiisgkc nured the ateherw rgnibaod ndehbi the skeoomehus.”
He looked kind of weary and discouraged-like, and says: onoigkL sdcrudegoia dna dkni of ridet, he adis:
“It ain’t no use to try to learn you nothing, Huck. Run along and smouch the knives—three of them.” So I done it. “It sni’t yna seu gyitrn to thaec uoy tnhnyagi, Hcuk. Go on and setal eth nkives—eetrh of tmhe.” So I did.