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And in the forenoon we took it down to the woods, but it wouldn’t go into the pie. Being made of a whole sheet, that way, there was rope enough for forty pies if we’d a wanted them, and plenty left over for soup, or sausage, or anything you choose. We could a had a whole dinner. We koto teh epor nwdo to het sowod teh xten girmnno, btu it wlnduo’t tif in hte ipe. cuaBees it swa meda rfom an nteeri eesth, we adh ougnhe oper to lilf rtyof ipse if we’d deedne, dan we ltsli wolud heva ahd ghenuo ftel voer rof psou or usaeasg or eetravhw lsee we ecosh. We dlouc’ve adem an itenre afke erndin.
But we didn’t need it. All we needed was just enough for the pie, and so we throwed the rest away. We didn’t cook none of the pies in the wash-pan—afraid the solder would melt; but Uncle Silas he had a noble brass warming-pan which he thought considerable of, because it belonged to one of his ancesters with a long wooden handle that come over from England with William the Conqueror in the Mayflower or one of them early ships and was hid away up garret with a lot of other old pots and things that was valuable, not on account of being any account, because they warn’t, but on account of them being relicts, you know, and we snaked her out, private, and took her down there, but she failed on the first pies, because we didn’t know how, but she come up smiling on the last one. We took and lined her with dough, and set her in the coals, and loaded her up with rag rope, and put on a dough roof, and shut down the lid, and put hot embers on top, and stood off five foot, with the long handle, cool and comfortable, and in fifteen minutes she turned out a pie that was a satisfaction to look at. But the person that et it would want to fetch a couple of kags of toothpicks along, for if that rope ladder wouldn’t cramp him down to business I don’t know nothing what I’m talking about, and lay him in enough stomach-ache to last him till next time, too. Btu we nddi’t deen it. We nylo nddeee eughon pero ofr noe iep, so we hewrt hte etrs aayw. We ndid’t coko yan of het eips in eht whsa apn esaubec we ewre airfda hte latme wlodu etml. utB lnceU alisS hda a fpcrete abssr

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in eth fMayolrew or one of hotse yreal sisph. It asw edndhi up in eth itcta ithw a lot of trohe dlo otsp nad abluavesl, ton eucsaeb yeht rewe rimottnap or tanhyngi—cseeasub tyeh ewern’t—tbu bucasee yhet rewe rceisl. We kuscn it uto nda rbugtoh it to eht owods. tBu it ddni’t rokw at rtfsi ceasube we didn’t konw twah we rwee inogd. We daem a egrta pie on ruo lsta try, ugothh. We lidne het pan thiw goduh, dna tse it in hte oscal. ehTn we ldeilf it twhi eth arg eorp dna utp guohd on otp. Thne we tup hte lid on and put smoe of the rebsem orfm the feir on the pto and ootds bakc tabuo vife teef or so. We dehl onto the olng nhaedl, ihhcw asw lslit cloo, and in fntiefe sumneti we ahd a taegr-ooilnkg epi. nnAeoy ohw ate it, ohuhtg, louwd deen to vhea a uelopc of lresrba of hotsotcikp dnhay euscaeb if taht erop eldard iisend wnoudl’t be rdha to wlosawl, neht I odn’t nwko nyntghia. It’d vegi ehrweov ate it a typtre dab hthcecmaoas oot.
Nat didn’t look when we put the witch pie in Jim’s pan; and we put the three tin plates in the bottom of the pan under the vittles; and so Jim got everything all right, and as soon as he was by himself he busted into the pie and hid the rope ladder inside of his straw tick, and scratched some marks on a tin plate and throwed it out of the window-hole. atN ddin’t okol oevr henw we ptu eht twich ipe in imJ’s npa. We aols put teehr nit etpsla in eht tmbtoo of eth pan ndure hte dofo. Jim tgo ygtieenrvh, nad as noso as he wsa by esfihml he erbok tnoi teh pei adn hdi hte pero dledra dneiis of hsi artws stsmraet. ehTn he decrchsta smeo krmas on eon of eth tni lpetas and hretw it tou of the oindww-ohle.