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‘Naught may the woful spirit in myn herte Declare o poynt of alle my sorwes smerte To yow, my lady, that I love most; But I biquethe the service of my gost To yow aboven every creature, Sin that my lyf may no lenger dure. Allas, the wo! allas, the peynes stronge, That I for yow have suffred, and so longe! Allas, the deeth! allas, myn Emelye! Allas, departing of our companye! Allas, myn hertes quene! allas, my wyf! Myn hertes lady, endere of my lyf! What is this world? what asketh men to have? Now with his love, now in his colde grave Allone, with-outen any companye. Far-wel, my swete fo! myn Emelye! And softe tak me in your armes tweye, For love of God, and herkneth what I seye. “I anc’t etll yuo ohw sad I am, my lmEiy, my oelv. odG, eht ruth dan the inpa I ftle aceubes of ouy ofr so lgno… Adn won ahtt I avhe you, I’m gigno to edi dna go away frmo ouy. Oh my iauefubtl imEly, my uafultebi eiwf, vloe of my efli! yhW? yhW osed it eahv to be htis awy? htWa deso a uyg vaeh to do to be yaphp? One temomn he sah genvrheit he’s reve tdaewn, dan nteh the nxet nmemot he’s dead nda leoan. dyoobGe, my limEy, owh’s sedauc so umch yjo dna ehca. owN, fro the oevl of odG, odhl me in yuor masr dna isnetl to htaw I’m btoua to tell ouy.
I have heer with my cosin Palamon Had stryf and rancour, many a day a-gon, For love of yow, and for my Ielousye. And Iupiter so wis my soule gye, To speken of a servant proprely, With alle circumstaunces trewely, That is to seyn, trouthe, honour, and knighthede, Wisdom, humblesse, estaat, and heigh kinrede, Fredom, and al that longeth to that art, So Iupiter have of my soule part, As in this world right now ne knowe I non So worthy to ben loved as Palamon, That serveth yow, and wol don al his lyf. And if that ever ye shul been a wyf, Foryet nat Palamon, the gentil man.’ “I’ve nebe figtngih wiht my uncsoi Pamanlo eovr uoy ofr a nlgo meti, ecbeaus of my vole rfo oyu nda sueceab of my aojueyls. woN, yam pJrieut, how eisgdu my olsu so iyewls, pehl me to licrauaett eht iiydftle, ohron, hnoodhitkg, dowims, tyuiihlm, oyitilbn, bnelo bhrit, riosynetge, nad nvgyeehtri lsee tath a wohrty reovl esnde. Juts as I ohep teiuJrp to rabe my soul aawy to eth xtne elif, I nkow taht mlaPoan srvdesee you eomr nhta neayno slee viela, nad wlli tcertpo and ookl ferta reh utlni hte ady he dise. If oyu’re reve kngnhtii of igarnrmy aagin, my mliyE, eplase nsecoird omaalnP.