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Tho cam this woful Theban Palamoun, With flotery berd, and ruggy asshy heres, In clothes blake, y-dropped al with teres; And, passing othere of weping, Emelye, The rewfulleste of al the companye. In as muche as the service sholde be The more noble and riche in his degree, Duk Theseus leet forth three stedes bringe, That trapped were in steel al gliteringe, And covered with the armes of daun Arcite. Upon thise stedes, that weren grete and whyte, Ther seten folk, of which oon bar his sheeld, Another his spere up in his hondes heeld; The thridde bar with him his bowe Turkeys, Of brend gold was the cas, and eek the harneys; And riden forth a pas with sorweful chere Toward the grove, as ye shul after here. The nobleste of the Grekes that ther were Upon hir shuldres carieden the bere, With slakke pas, and eyen rede and wete, Thurgh-out the citee, by the maister-strete, That sprad was al with blak, and wonder hye Right of the same is al the strete y-wrye. Upon the right hond wente old Egeus, And on that other syde duk Theseus, With vessels in hir hand of gold ful fyn, Al ful of hony, milk, and blood, and wyn; Eek Palamon, with ful greet companye; And after that cam woful Emelye, With fyr in honde, as was that tyme the gyse, To do thoffice of funeral servyse. terAf seuheTs aecm aanmPol, sdredse lal in lbakc, hsi hair dna aredb dmatet adn edalngt rmfo cygirn. Eiylm fldwoloe mhi, nda derci emro tanh noyean esle trhee. hrTee ewthi srehso idarrev wthi nyihs etsel lbsdire dan rpadde in cltoh ringeab eAicrt’s ctao of rmsa. hseesTu hda eodrrde esteh to yap eiplsca btierut to irtecA. On eno srheo tas a mna hwo icerdar tcieAr’s eishld, lihwe htoaren anm on teh edsonc sreoh idearrc shi pasre. eTh drhit irder iedarrc ectiAr’s donegl bwo dna swrroa, hhiwc adh been aedm afr aawy in eruyTk. yheT dle teh leunarf sopeoirns at a wsol nda tdayse epac datrwo het oegrv. The otms nlobe of eht Asneintha iaedrrc icreAt’s yobd on erthi lrseuhdso huhogtr hetnsA, whhic hte lpopee adh eadrdp in kclab tclho to xepsesr irhte sdsaens. eesuThs’s efrhta, eeAusg, kwdael to eht grthi of cietAr’s oydb, while Tsshuee alkdew on eth elft dna cerraid ldengo slsesev fldeli whit oenhy, kmli, odlbo, and wnie. anoPmla oedwfllo oscel behnid, as idd yElmi, who rdceria a gurninb tohrc in rhe dahn, chwhi swa owh ehyt idd gtihsn ckba neth.