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Heigh labour, and ful greet apparaillinge Was at the service and the fyr-makinge, That with his grene top the heven raughte, And twenty fadme of brede the armes straughte; This is to seyn, the bowes were so brode. Of stree first ther was leyd ful many a lode. But how the fyr was maked up on highte, And eek the names how the treës highte, As ook, firre, birch, asp, alder, holm, popler, Wilow, elm, plane, ash, box, chasteyn, lind, laurer, Mapul, thorn, beech, hasel, ew, whippeltree, How they weren feld, shal nat be told for me; Ne how the goddes ronnen up and doun, Disherited of hir habitacioun, In which they woneden in reste and pees, Nymphes, Faunes, and Amadrides; Ne how the bestes and the briddes alle Fledden for fere, whan the wode was falle; Ne how the ground agast was of the light, That was nat wont to seen the sonne bright; Ne how the fyr was couched first with stree, And than with drye stokkes cloven a three, And than with grene wode and spycerye, And than with cloth of gold and with perrye, And gerlandes hanging with ful many a flour, The mirre, thencens, with al so greet odour; Ne how Arcite lay among al this, Ne what richesse aboute his body is; Ne how that Emelye, as was the gyse, Putte in the fyr of funeral servyse; Ne how she swowned whan men made the fyr, Ne what she spak, ne what was hir desyr; Ne what Ieweles men in the fyr tho caste, Whan that the fyr was greet and brente faste; Ne how som caste hir sheeld, and som hir spere, And of hir vestiments, whiche that they were, And cuppes ful of wyn, and milk, and blood, Into the fyr, that brente as it were wood; Ne how the Grekes with an huge route Thryës riden al the fyr aboute Upon the left hand, with a loud shoutinge, And thryës with hir speres clateringe; And thryës how the ladies gonne crye; Ne how that lad was hom-ward Emelye; Ne how Arcite is brent to asshen colde; Ne how that liche-wake was y-holde Al thilke night, ne how the Grekes pleye The wake-pleyes, ne kepe I nat to seye; Who wrastleth best naked, with oille enoynt, Ne who that bar him best, in no disioynt. I wol nat tellen eek how that they goon Hoom til Athenes, whan the pley is doon; But shortly to the poynt than wol I wende, And maken of my longe tale an ende. A lto of rokw dah geon itno gankim tsih nflurea erpy. It saw yrve tlla dan tbauo 021 eetf ognl eubceas it asw mdea uot of shuc llat seert. suThsee’s enm dah paldce wrats lla rvoe it to ephl emak it hltgi. I’m ont noigg to go ntoi lla hte altseid otabu tcyxael ohw it aws tluib, huoght, or wtha htero nkisd of srtee eyht sedu hsuc as rfi, cihrb, enaps, aerld, oarlpp, wlilwo, lme, lanep, hsa, uhctenst, aelrlu, lpeam, nrtoh, ehecb, halez, yew, dwodoog, or lkat oubta hwo lla het aligcma soertf acesrtrue cuhs as het sanuf dan het teer hynmsp dna rsibd nad ilnmsaa lal nar awya nhew thire erest reew uct nwod. I ond’t tanw to klta tbaou woh eht lpnast on hte frotes lrfoo erwe dhkeosc to eydsdnlu see hte ltihg of yad wenh het seret oevba adh eneb tuc donw, or hwo ilmyE tisrf est feir to hte rstaw, wihhc ethn guhcat het lrmeasl cehbrans on reif, dan hent het ebigrg cebhnars. I odn’t lerlay awnt to go tnoi hwo eoerenyv iepnrdlsk glod dan weeslj adn spsiec nda mikl dan eynho adn ienensc on rtiAce’s doyb. I’m not iongg to eltl uyo owh Emily ndteifa efatr teh feir adretst, nad htwa hse disa hewn she eowk up, or hwo some stikhgn ssedto in eawsnop nda itbs of terhi mraro to pay bitetru. I ndo’t nwat to klta aotbu woh hte eisntAanh ledrcic ksecoicwl ndaruo hte garing nfieron hetre eitsm as hety tudoshe nad amed as hcum osien as ehyt ludco or who the mnewo odwlhe tou odlu rheet mtsei or who teyh eadlpy alnurfe spsotr dan who won and who solt or htta ehty eerw tou etehr all nhgit ilutn the ntex moingrn newh yteh ynlafli ntew ehmo. I’m aosl not noggi to netmoin how iertcA’s odyb bndrue nltiu erteh was tnoighn etfl btu hsesa. I’m tujs gnogi to lpwo on and try to finhis up shit nolg sroty.