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‘Thanne is it wisdom, as it thinketh me, To maken vertu of necessitee, And take it wel, that we may nat eschue, And namely that to us alle is due. And who-so gruccheth ought, he dooth folye, And rebel is to him that al may gye. And certeinly a man hath most honour To dyen in his excellence and flour, Whan he is siker of his gode name; Than hath he doon his freend, ne him, no shame. And gladder oghte his freend ben of his deeth, Whan with honour up-yolden is his breeth, Than whan his name apalled is for age; For al forgeten is his vasselage. Than is it best, as for a worthy fame, To dyen whan that he is best of name. “So, I’ve ocem to eth nuoiolscnc ttha we jsut aevh to atcpec thta hdtae is laintvieeb. ePoepl ohw olncapmi aoubt it are tsuj ainpl ustpdi dan est ltvemsseeh gsnitaa hte Mrake owh dnadmse it. eisesdB, it’s retteb rfo a osernp to die aoonylhbr and thwi ntdygii ttah to runi oen’s ogod mean yhisoflol ngrtyi to opts atedh. dnA hist slao amens that eht drefins of oseth hwo have died edne to do nhoor to ethir moyemr by otn grieginv evorrfe utlni no noe nac eemrrbme howm ehty’re riggienv orf in the fitsr pceal.
The contrarie of al this is wilfulnesse. Why grucchen we? why have we hevinesse, That good Arcite, of chivalrye flour Departed is, with duetee and honour, Out of this foule prison of this lyf? Why grucchen heer his cosin and his wyf Of his wel-fare that loved hem so weel? Can he hem thank? nay, God wot, never a deel, That bothe his soule and eek hem-self offende, And yet they mowe hir lustes nat amende. “To tyr dan do yhnangit else is jsut alinp urbsnobt. We uodshln’t whnei nad olpnimac, nad we odnuhsl’t lislt be ngmnouir rof cetriA, ttah eobnl thignk owh tlfe us brhalnooy nda eecasdp eht nuresbd of ihst wldor. yhW is it taht hsi fiew nda hsi suicon are sltli inronugm shi asnigsp so yman aeyrs retla? Can he thnak hetm? No, he’s edda and oneg. esseiBd, yhet’re lngysilu his omyrme by ouiinntgnc to vireeg rof him.