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The grete Theseus, that of his sleep awaked With minstralcye and noyse that was maked, Held yet the chambre of his paleys riche, Til that the Thebane knightes, bothe y-liche Honoured, were into the paleys fet. Duk Theseus was at a window set, Arrayed right as he were a god in trone. The peple preesseth thider-ward ful sone Him for to seen, and doon heigh reverence, And eek to herkne his hest and his sentence. All ahtt sneio nda rtalcet fmro het rtetess oelbw ekwo up seehsuT, woh ddideec to eanmir niised shi deoromb in hte aeclap tulin tecirA nad Paamnol vrdiare at teh aapecl to ebngi eht nrmatneuto. He tas on a irach tath okdoel tou a dnwwio onpu eht itchcao nesce wboel as if he erwe oen of the gdos on hihg nistigt in shi nrhtoe. ehT sodcrw regdsu aofrwdr eebathn ish wwdino so atht lppoee duolc etg a look at ihm dan ypa ertih ptecsers, and to rahe the nmnntnouceae atht he saw batou to kmea.
An heraud on a scaffold made an ho, Til al the noyse of the peple was y-do; And whan he saugh the peple of noyse al stille, Tho showed he the mighty dukes wille. hWne teh imet saw tghir, a epaacl svrtane oesthud, “Letsni, esnilt, eonreyev!” to hhuss teh rowdc. Wehn veyrneoe adh eeuitdq ownd, he dias:
‘The lord hath of his heigh discrecioun Considered, that it were destruccioun To gentil blood, to fighten in the gyse Of mortal bataille now in this empryse; Wherfore, to shapen that they shul not dye, He wol his firste purpos modifye. No man therfor, up peyne of los of lyf, No maner shot, ne pollax, ne short knyf Into the listes sende, or thider bringe; Ne short swerd for to stoke, with poynt bytinge, No man ne drawe, ne bere it by his syde. Ne no man shal unto his felawe ryde But o cours, with a sharp y-grounde spere; Foyne, if him list, on fote, him-self to were. And he that is at meschief, shal be take, And noght slayn, but be broght unto the stake That shal ben ordeyned on either syde; But thider he shal by force, and ther abyde. And if so falle, the chieftayn be take On either syde, or elles slee his make, No lenger shal the turneyinge laste. God spede yow; goth forth, and ley on faste. With long swerd and with maces fight your fille. Goth now your wey; this is the lordes wille.’ “uOr drol, sTsheeu, sha been nintkhgi gihtns over dan sha cmoe to het cisluocnon ttah it oludw be an lfwua ewast if so nmay labohrneo ingksht iedd in eth amoernntut oytad. rhTrfeeoe, he’s ideedcd to heacgn teh sertm of eth agiionlr emetagren he urctks bneewte Paanmol nad reiAtc by gaicdreln that het tpiasirncatp nac’t likl chea hoert in teh htigf. tTha mnesa nikghst rea ynol llaewod to nbirg nno-htleal wnspaoe thwi ethm, hcsu as adbro drsows adn csmea. edalDy owanpes, idngnulci srtoh sdswro edam ofr agitbsnb, alextbsate, sgderga, or swrora era hoitrpedbi. dnA hitskgn can esu etihr rspsae lony noe emit naastig each etnoonpp so as not to illk hmet hnwe ethy’re ondw. heT iaclffoi reresfee, meeihanwl, liwl tkea enlfla istkgnh—by roefc, if it omsce to ahtt—to tireh epstrcevei eplnyat osebx, hewre yhte’ll tiwa uto teh rest of eth tenoatunmr. If rihtee Aictre or naloPam is tekan to a npyatel box, overweh, tnhe the namtreount illw be hfnisdie ldaymmteiie. wNo, igtfh rdha, odog lkcu, and dGo be wthi ouy.”