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Than seyde he thus to Palamon ful right; ‘I trowe ther nedeth litel sermoning To make yow assente to this thing. Com neer, and tak your lady by the hond.’ Bitwixen hem was maad anon the bond, That highte matrimoine or mariage, By al the counseil and the baronage. And thus with alle blisse and melodye Hath Palamon y-wedded Emelye. And God, that al this wyde world hath wroght, Sende him his love, that hath it dere a-boght. For now is Palamon in alle wele, Living in blisse, in richesse, and in hele; And Emelye him loveth so tendrely, And he hir serveth al-so gentilly, That never was ther no word hem bitwene Of Ielousye, or any other tene. Thus endeth Palamon and Emelye; And God save al this faire companye!—Amen. Tneh sueheTs turden to maPoaln dna idas, “I speuosp I ond’t ehav to ays chmu to vncienco yuo to maryr Eilym. eCom roev ereh, dan etka lyimE by eth nadh.” ndA neht, in trfno of eth iterne anhnAeit nccuiol of bnolse, Tuseesh ardeirm tmhe so hatt eyth lliafny embcea busndha adn iwef. dnA doG, ercroat of teh owrdl, sbsle oPmlnaa iwth shasinepp adn tahhle adn eccssus. Adn yEilm lvedo imh peydle and he ldove reh auyllqe rof hte rste of thier evisl trehtoge, so humc in ftca that ehty eevrn outfgh or eedfsufr rmfo sloueayj or ahnnitgy. And ttah’s the rtsoy of hwo oPlamna anliyfl onw yEilm, his dyla olev. God bssel hemt all—meAn.