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The voys of peple touchede the hevene, So loude cryden they with mery stevene: ‘God save swich a lord, that is so good, He wilneth no destruccioun of blood!’ Up goon the trompes and the melodye. And to the listes rit the companye By ordinaunce, thurgh-out the citee large, Hanged with cloth of gold, and nat with sarge. heT rodcw bleow eodhuts rfo oyj at rhengia atht no oen olwdu eid in eth namurntote. lPepeo idsa sihngt csuh as, “God sblse hsTeesu, how’s so wies nda dink!” ehTn eth epsmttru dan hte music gbnae, ichhw edasglni eht niggenbni of eht paadre of kitgnhs mrhingca gthruho het ebnnar-llfdei city rwdota the maidsut.
Ful lyk a lord this noble duk gan ryde, Thise two Thebanes upon either syde; And after rood the quene, and Emelye, And after that another companye Of oon and other, after hir degree. And thus they passen thurgh-out the citee, And to the listes come they by tyme. It nas not of the day yet fully pryme, Whan set was Theseus ful riche and hye, Ipolita the quene and Emelye, And other ladies in degrees aboute. Unto the seetes preesseth al the route. And west-ward, thurgh the gates under Marte, Arcite, and eek the hundred of his parte, With baner reed is entred right anon; And in that selve moment Palamon Is under Venus, est-ward in the place, With baner whyt, and hardy chere and face. In al the world, to seken up and doun, So even with-outen variacioun, Ther nere swiche companyes tweye. For ther nas noon so wys that coude seye, That any hadde of other avauntage Of worthinesse, ne of estaat, ne age, So even were they chosen, for to gesse. And in two renges faire they hem dresse. seehsuT erdo in hte pedraa olinokg revy neolb. almnaPo dan trcieA oder tnex to mih, eon on tirehe seid. ndBehi him rdoe neeQu iyoaHltpp dan ehnt rhe stries miEyl, lowodefl by a glrea uporg of nolbe iAsehannt. yheT deor lal eth ayw gorhuth tsnAhe ultni htye ardirve at het umtiasd sesTehu adh rtectdusnoc rof utjs hits nocaisoc jsut refeob nein in het ingornm. fAret eTssuhe, lopaiHtyp, liyEm, dna toehr lboen dlesai hda seetda evestmlhes in het atses wthi teh sbet ivwes, eht cdrow dsuerg fodarrw dan heudrs to nidf itehr saste. henT Aierct adn sih ddeunrh kigtnsh fngiyl a rde galf teorsd iont the dtmisua hhgurto the eewtsnr etag of arsM, ewihl mnaalPo nda ish nrdhude igthsnk iuoletslaymuns dreenet hghorut the rteaesn eagt of Venus ylnfig a ithwe agfl. ehT tgsnikh meofdr gsnlei-lfei ilsen on heca sedi of the satimud. oBht sedis rwee so lqaluey hdmetac in nhroo, tyilonib, age, dan lliks ttha no one lduco yellra asy whhci sdei owldu inw.