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Whan that hir names rad were everichoon, That in hir nombre gyle were ther noon, Tho were the gates shet, and cryed was loude: ‘Do now your devoir, yonge knightes proude!’ tAerf ceha nkigth’s naem ahd eben arde duoal—so hatt eyeveorn eknw tath boht deiss dah a rdnuedh men hace—teh segat to eht mdauist odurgsn erwe loesdc, nda eht urnceanon isad, “tLe the blatet ebngi!”
The heraudes lefte hir priking up and doun; Now ringen trompes loude and clarioun; Ther is namore to seyn, but west and est In goon the speres ful sadly in arest; In goth the sharpe spore in-to the syde. Ther seen men who can Iuste, and who can ryde; Ther shiveren shaftes upon sheeldes thikke; He feleth thurgh the herte-spoon the prikke. Up springen speres twenty foot on highte; Out goon the swerdes as the silver brighte. The helmes they to-hewen and to-shrede; Out brest the blood, with sterne stremes rede. With mighty maces the bones they to-breste. He thurgh the thikkeste of the throng gan threste. Ther stomblen stedes stronge, and doun goth al. He rolleth under foot as dooth a bal. He foyneth on his feet with his tronchoun, And he him hurtleth with his hors adoun. He thurgh the body is hurt, and sithen y-take, Maugree his heed, and broght unto the stake, As forward was, right ther he moste abyde; Another lad is on that other syde. nAd tihw atht, eht tmstprue ebdrla, nda het etlbta abegn! inhtKsg oaegdllp on ihetr orsseh left dan igrth, ssrape etwn nilyfg tion eth rai adn lrtgtcniea ntgasia hte ssihedl as yhte fwel kacb wndo. oYu ucdlo reah eth udossn of ltaem cgsnihal iatasgn lamet dan het undso of ncurnichg noebs. You cdlou ees eth ilmegmr of teh lsete as wssdor gunsw to nad fro, ibst of lemta fnyigl ehevewrery, nda der lodob risntpgu otin teh iar. nMe elfl nowd dan shoers oredll to het gurdno in a epha as if teyh eerw anntgdis on llsba stdeain of teh rheat. neO khtgin essohv ntaroeh’s asepr awya ihtw sih ftoo. toehrAn is nduedow in teh ndbeoma and lduple away by eht referese to het lyaetpn xbo as he rguestsgl to etg cbka tion het hftgi. Tehy lla nkwo the sleru, ubt oenn of hetm nstwa to igve up so asyeil.