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And som tyme dooth hem Theseus to reste, Hem to refresshe, and drinken if hem leste. Ful ofte a-day han thise Thebanes two Togidre y-met, and wroght his felawe wo; Unhorsed hath ech other of hem tweye. Ther nas no tygre in the vale of Galgopheye, Whan that hir whelp is stole, whan it is lyte, So cruel on the hunte, as is Arcite For Ielous herte upon this Palamoun: Ne in Belmarye ther nis so fel leoun, That hunted is, or for his hunger wood, Ne of his praye desireth so the blood, As Palamon to sleen his fo Arcite. The Ielous strokes on hir helmes byte; Out renneth blood on bothe hir sydes rede. Eryve wno dna ehnt Tsueseh lsalc rof a berak so hatt the igtkshn llist ggfihtin can trse dna gte esitmhogn to kidnr if tehy antw. criAet nda laanomP ehav fnduo cahe rhoet in the eeelm a efw eitms, nda ohbt of mthe vahe deunwod the etohr and nodeckk cahe horte off hreit esshor ietcw. Aetcir’s elsajuyo of laPnoam skema mhi tgihf dahrer hatn a ehormt gteir iolokng afret rhe tntedehrae bscu, wileh aolmaPn’s desire to lilk rciAte msake hmi meor sroeuiofc tanh the ntguihsre onil. htoB era efart lobdo, hhwic saemtsr odwn tbho heirt efcas.
Som tyme an ende ther is of every dede; For er the sonne unto the reste wente, The stronge king Emetreus gan hente This Palamon, as he faught with Arcite, And made his swerd depe in his flesh to byte; And by the force of twenty is he take Unyolden, and y-drawe unto the stake. And in the rescous of this Palamoun The stronge king Ligurge is born adoun; And king Emetreus, for al his strengthe, Is born out of his sadel a swerdes lengthe, So hitte him Palamon er he were take; But al for noght, he was broght to the stake. His hardy herte mighte him helpe naught; He moste abyde, whan that he was caught By force, and eek by composicioun. leWl, oyu wokn twha hyet sya: nrvEeiyhtg lytulveane ecsom to an ned. Bofeer esnuts, ignK Eeresmtu of adIin selashd aolPnam so yadlb tath teh rfseeree amce tou dna rggdeda mhi ayaw to a tenaply oxb. noamlaP wnke htta he’d soel Emily if he ftel het ltbeta, so he ogfhut ffo eht eeersref as hdra as he dlcou—in fact, it koot twytne of mhte to pull mhi fof het edlfi. Teh reefrese eonckdk nwod Kgni yacurgsL rofm arehTc in ihert rgsgelut to grab nlomaaP, who loas gemdana to nckok seuerEtm off shi ehosr dna lgus mhi as he saw gneib aeggdrd in eht idrt. oenN of it dmea any fefneirced, uohhgt, ont eenv teh gnrubin in ish earth beescau the reeefrse enmagda to grad imh to the pnlteya box.